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Cheap girls clothes 3T - 6X

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Hi selling off a bunch of stuff. must thin out clothing before I go insane . . . .
things good to know:

prices are for the whole group of stuff and include shipping. deduct one dollar from each item if you buy more than one.

I accept all kinds of paypal and don't worry about including extra for fees. I have to pay a fee regardless of how the money comes. I will also take a check or concealed cash if you send it right away.

I ship whatever is most convienient and cheap for me.
usually usps but sometimes fedEx if you buy a lot of stuff.

all clothes in in gently used conditions. there may be spots here and there. but they are all in good wearable conditions, no holes rips or big stains. stuff I would send my kid out in

pet free, smoke free home, all natrual detergents , freshly laundered



3T winter pajamas and undies:
**There are six pairs of training pants. 2 are gerber and sra showing some serious wear. 2 are gerber and are in very good condition with some light staining (bleach may get it out sun may get it out but we haven't seen sun since she potty trained), and two are Penny's brand and are a very soft cotton knit. They have some light staining in them two. all have the padded center panel.
**4 childrens place size 4 undershirts (these run a little small). One has staining on the front but the rest are perfect)

(all pajamas are 100% cotton knit and are long sleeve and plants)

**2- 3T Joe Boxer PJs. The shirts have some light staining but these are so cute i had to include them. One says "Cutie pie" and has a cherry pie motif (with JB smilies of course) and one says "nice Buns" and has a burger motif
**Childrens Place 3T/36 month snow globe jammies
**Childrens Place 3T/36 month green snowflake footie jammies with zipper
**Carters 3T flroal print
** size 4 Circo penguines print (runs small)
** size 4 Circo winter print

** two slips. one A line, one with a fuller skirt.

3T/4T winter clothes plus 2 more:
** Gymboree Med french terry jumper and matching turtle neck with flower print ( dingy around the cuffs)
** Size 4 Buster Brown red swing top sweat shirt with flannel plaid sheep applique (very cute)
** Size 4 Helthtex velour leggins (they worn with the red sweatshirt on the rare ocaision they were worn. set is in like new condition)
**3T Ramie Cotton sweater
** Gymboree Small black leggings
** 4t black leggings
** size 4 Old Navy long skirt
** 4/5 red turtle neck
** 4 fairy shirt (runs small) lots of fun details, purple
* old navy 4/5 (runs small) green waffle weeve snap up shirt
** size 4 red beaded ramie/cotton snowman sweater
** (not pictured) gymboreeMed 3 pc. set - blue long sleved shirt, brick red floral print leggings, & brick red reversable jumper- pone side has pocket and embrodery and the other has the floral print. the blue shows up in the floral and the embrodery. jumper is A line.

4T winter gender neutral stuff:
**4/4T childrens place sweats
**XXL baby gap snowboarder long sleeve t-shirt
** 4T old navy overalls (small worn spot on right leg - 1/2"x1/4" otherwise exfcellent condition)

5/6 girls winter clothes:
(there is a yellow fleece in the picture that may or may not be included. after taing the picture it is really grubby. I will see what a spin through the washer amounts to but I am not getting my hopes up so i am not including it.)
** pink HelthTex sweatshirt with purple butterfly 6/6x
** white cotton sweater
** size 6 pink blues clues pajamas
** size 6 cotton turtle neck - suprisingly stain free! I wonder if this wasn't ours

**XXL Gymboree (runs small) french terry swing top
** 6X set, navy top with plaid flowers appliques, matching plaid pants
** light blue hoodie

5/6 girls summer shorts set:
**5/6 green searsucker set
** size 6 blue shorts with flowers
** size 6 denim shorts

5/6 girls summer dresses:
**6X cherokee blue knit short sleeve dress (100% cotton)
** Esprit large (thier sizes are a complete mystery to me but this iwas worn at the same time as the rest) Linen/cotton sleeveless dress
** Esprit floral dress. . . . the top stitching around the waise it pulling out in a few spots but this is such a wonderful spinny dress. very full skirt. 10% cotton knit. There are also a couple of small holes along one seam. Consider this dress a bonus and not part of the package
** gap small linen A-line dress. beautiful white with large light yellow roses
**Gap, small (runs big - this is actually pictured in the winter dresses but I changed my mind) Speghetti straps with enough room to be used as a jumper. ribbon embrordery details. very pretty, never worn

5/6 girls winter dresses and :
** old navy size 6 stretchy velvet long skirt. very nice.
**Gymboree XL navy jumper
** 6/6X red velvet dress with satin ties and trim and red gauzy ribbon flowers (perfect for Christmas)
(one dress in the picture is not included in this set)

Girls size 8/10 winter and summer
** size 10 100% cotton knit PJs (long sleeve and pants)
** blue size large pants with zippered top. knit (like knitted but not bulky like sweater. somewhere between knit and sweater if that makes any sense.)
** purple sweats set. zipper hoodie and flare pants. size 10/12 (runs a little on the small side. tight on dd and she is a baggy 10)
**7/8 red velour skirt
** size 8 old navy sweats, navy
** size 8 union bay shorts
* size 8 denim skirt. shortish
**8/10 red snowman beaded sweater. zips
** 10 sun dress (runs small)
** size 10 chidlrens place denim stretch capris. weird pucker art crotch but you don't bnotice it when they are on.

Gap black pants size 10, velvet trim down the sides, worn once, adjustable waist band.

Snowboots size 12
fisherprice size 12 snowboots. velcro. Gn

size 10
lace up. one lace has ben lost and replaced with a ribbon.
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I PMed ya back a couple of time. Picture is working now.
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