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$6 ppd will get you 3 different craft kits, suitable for 3.5 or so and up, with appropriate help and supervision. (It was $5 ppd, but these are heavier.)

Some of the kits include:
Necklaces, photo frames, magnets, pirate hats, tote bags, growth chart, address sign, birdhouse, mini-tambourines, glider, note clip, earring holders, coin purse, froggy catch game, tic tac toe, etc. Some do have small pieces, so make sure younger kids have help and supervision.

I can't take specific requests because it gets way too hairy, but you can feel free to let me know preferences and I'll do my best.

I'll trade for:
Organic Fabrics
Organic Thread
Quilters Quality Unwashed Flannels
Cotton Knits in Prints
Smocked Tops/Dresses in size 5 and/or 6months
Pampered Chef (try me, we have some)

Thanks! Feel free to PM, post, or email with interest.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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