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Cheap Summer Wardrobe-in-a-box: Newborn/18 months

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I don't want to take the time to photograph all these so i'm offering them as cheap, cheap lots. Each is a flat rate priority box stuffed to the brim! $16 each box includes shipping. (that's $8 shipping and $8 for the clothes) Funded PP or please cover fees.

All clothes are gently used or never got around to being worn. No stains that I could find. I also have some shoes mostly sandals) i could squeeze in-- let me know if you're looking for a particular size.

Newborn, Gender Neutral Box includes:
4 kimono tops
3 t shirts
1 long sleeve sweatshirt (blue)
4 long sleeve sleepers with feet
8 onesies
1 lightly felted dark green wool soaker

18-24 Months Girlie Box includes:
3 summer sundresses (one red/blue plaid, one orange with embroidered flower and one pink with raised flower appliques)
1 yellow summer hat
2 one piece rompers
1 pair lightweight old navy cargo pants
2 pair shorts
2 shirts (both Old Navy)
Gray Old Navy fleece
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And I'll take the 18-24 mo stuff.
I am also looking for some size 5 sandals for dd. Prefer non-girly, more functional than most I can find around here. Hold on, I'll go find an example of ones I like.
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I like the style of the pair that's 3rd from the bottom.
Some toe protection, tan or brown.
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pm-ed everyone!

i'll check out the shoes... i think i have a purple pair but i'm in size 5 but i'm not sure if they have toe protection.
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