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Cheapest Family in America

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I bought their book since my library dosent have it. I might donate it later but any thoughts on what they say or do??

I find their info good and more updated than the TWG since that went down in 96. I dont know if I would go shopping once a month though. But they say in their book and writings- take what works for you unlike the TWG who is a bit milatant.
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I've got it on oder from the library. Looking forward to it.
I got it from the library--I enjoyed it. I especially liked the chapter on teaching kids about money, cause we have a new little one, and so all of that information was new to me.

The rest just seemed like an updated TWG to me. But don't get me wrong, I adore the TWG. She's my hero.
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My thought is that I wish my library had a better selection of books (or quicker ILL's).
I put in an inter-library-loan request, geez, at least a month (maybe two?) ago for this book. Did they have any spectacular ideas in there?
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the chapter about kids is the reason I bought it. It wasnt at my library where I usually get these type of books.
The library is my favorite thing about living in my town. Lots of other things are awful, so I try to count my blessings! But, seriously, our library is fabulous. If they don't have a book, you just send an email to the powers that be, and they order it, about 90% of the time. We can request books online, they will bring them to the local branch (there are like 10 branches in my county), and you just run in and check them out.

I've taken to browsing bookstores with a pad, writing down what intrigues me, then requesting them from the library.
ILL is taking awhile since the book is new and lots of people are requesting it. Also this family has appeared on TV making the book even more sought after.

Originally Posted by Stone Fence View Post
ILL is taking awhile since the book is new and lots of people are requesting it. Also this family has appeared on TV making the book even more sought after.
While I'd normally agree with you, it also takes the same amount of time for a tried-and-true 30yo vegetarian cookbook to get here. It's just not a rush-rush kind of atmosphere. It almost bugs me that our library system has about a dozen branches, but I end up requesting 85% of the books I check out (over half of which are from a different library system).

I too just shop on amazon (with my two kids there's no way I'm cruising the bookstore), then get on the site and type/scribble my little heart out. The librarians get a kick out of me because I almost always come in with my little pink forms filled out and ready to go (they're still in the dark ages there).
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It's too bad about the ILL. I have to confess I am lucky. We have a small library that is part of a good sized system. I can request stuff online and if it's not popular I get it petty quick. Our branch also extended it's hours this year.
hummmm so did anyone read the book??? im deciding if i want to get it as well...
Its a good book what I have read so far. IF you can get it in the library, do so though.
for holds on this book at my library!

Debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 10 (AS), 9, 7, 45 mos (HFA)
Heheh...I tried to send an ILL request by email once. Because our library's website has a page about the reference desk, and how this is where you go to do ILL, and then there's an email address for sending questions to the reference desk. So I sent this email asking if I could send an ILL that way and if so, listed the book title and author I wanted. About three weeks later I got a response saying "Don't send ILL requests by email. No one checks this address. We don't know why it's on the website."
That just really cracked me up. It's a great library overall, and ILL is pretty quick (when you hand-deliver your paper form) so I don't really have any complaints.
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Sheezez took over 2 mos for me to get it from the library... and now im like

I dont mind reading about her family and how they cut costs...but there are not very many new 'tips' or suggestions IMO... im up to the chapter on Debt...

The book is an easy read and i do recommend it to anyone looking for ideas to cut costs...

Ill post more when im done reading, probably tomorrow.
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I've been number 20 of 35 at the library forever. The status on the book order finally says "In Processing" instead of "On Order." Woohoo! But when I saw the book title, I told my fiancee, "Hey, they stole our title!!!"
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It has some good stuff in it, but again a lot I already knew. It was good to see I am doing good by myself and family though.
I'm not sure what the rules are about posting outside links here, so please forgive me if I'm erring...but after reading this thread I did some looking and found a blog where the person has reviewed each chapter: (look at the bottom and there are links to a few other entries covering all the chapters of the book).

This writer says something to the effect that if you already own a stained, dogeared copy of TWG this book will seem simplistic.

It was enough to convince me that I'm already on the frugal track and I don't need to go to great lengths to get this book. But it looks like a good read for those who are just starting out and looking for some motivation.
I watched the show about them on t.v. and then bought the book (great deal on overstock).

I was not impressed with the book. There was not much about it that was different or new.

So I actually do not reccomend it to people.
OK, i finished the book this evening.... my opinions may be a bit biased..
we live in Phoenix, the same general place as the authors, however,we do not live in Scottsdale.

1. I find it ironic that a book on 'frugality' is written by residents of Scottsdale, one of the most expensive cities in Phoenix.

2. Since its a 'local' book I enjoyed reading about the families hidden secrets and local thrift store finds as well as free/low cost local events. This was the biggest PLUS for me.

3. She didnt have much new information to offer, however if i was looking for starters and basic ideas it would be helpful.

4. The book did give me a little extra push toward being frugal this week. I am planning on putting some items on Craigslist and I have a small box of items for the baby resale shoppe.

5. I will be recommending this book to several mom's around here who may be looking for the same type info, local 'hidden' thrift stores and local events.

6. My general opinion is I would not recommend purchasing the book, but it is worth the legnthy wait the libraries have.
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I finally got the book through ILL. It was a pretty good book, but I don't think I would have felt it was worth the price buying it new. I still think that TTG is a far better book. It seems outdated when it comes to prices, but her creative approach to the frugal life is really wonderful. For example, by reading about how she arrived at her "muffin" formula I was able to take that knowledge and apply it to bunches of other recipes and create my own mix and match recipes that I like. I own TTG and I would actually replace it happily if I lost it. I thnk the Cheapest Family is a great start for many Americans, though. I find it really amazing how little thought folks give to their money...
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