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I've been charting for many years, and using the TempDrop for about 1 year with success. Using the symptothermal FAM for birth control successfully for about 3 years. My cycles are pretty regular, ovulating every month between day 14-17, luteal phase lasting 11-13ish days, period following.

This cycle, I've had a LOT of intense PMS symptoms throughout the luteal phase, which is somewhat normal for me, but this was more than normal. Including very sore nipples mid-luteal phase, but it died down a bit. Then, had a distinct temp drop on day 14, expected AF to show up as it usually does on the day of a temp drop, but it didn't. Now day 15, my temp stayed low, but still no AF. PMS symptoms seemed to have mostly gone away, with a little breast tenderness remaining.

NOT trying to conceive, which is why we abstained until my third high temp after ovulation. Could I still be pregnant, or is this just a weird cycle? Maybe I ovulated twice, the second following the first just late enough to be alive for that day 3 sex? You'd think if I was pregnant, my temps would have stayed high.... And eggs should all be released within 24h of one another...

Haven't taken a test yet, too nervous.

Thanks all!


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