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Check out our cute covers

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We had some fun fluff arrive yesterday.
Lil' dd got her "hungry caterpillar" wool cover from Sarah at - such a great fit and Sarah's prices are so reasonable.
Big Boy DS got his doggie cover from Heidi at Once again, great fit and love her prices.

Hopefully my link works (in the diaper folder):

edited b/c ds is helping me type
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Hi, Pam.

What a beautiful cover! I
Eric Carle's books.

I had to go and take a look at the site to see what she has available. I am so terrible! I have wool covers here at home I haven't even tried.

Did you see those lavender wool pants? Those are cute! They're already gone, but if anyone else wants to go look at them and sigh:

I'll have to go over to sugarbums to see what she has.

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How cute! I especially love the Hungry Caterpillar one! That is DS's very favorite book!
the hungry caterpillar cover!! I love that book...I think we have every onsie they make, except the pink one!!
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OOh, Cute!. I love my covers from Sarah... I think I might need more...
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Love the cute doggie cover! I'm going to have to check out the Sugarbums site. Has anyone ever tried her front snapping print covers?
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