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<p>Hi everyone!</p>
<p>I feel like I have been MIA for sooooo long.  The holidays came and went and where chaotic as all get out.  When I'm not officially working, I try to stay away from the computer as much as I can - otherwise I become addicted and find myself spending less time with Traftyn. </p>
<p>I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday and that your New Year's will be filled with health, love, and prosperity!!</p>
<p>I started off my first week of the new year with a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder which took me out of commission for quite some time..intense pain that I haven't experienced in quite some time..and then I came down with a sore throat/cold that I am just starting to get over.</p>
<p>I have this month off of school, which is nice, but I have slacked on all of my homework and really need to start catching up on that as well...on a positive note - it has now been 4wks sugar free for my sugar awareness challenge for school.  No refined sugars or honey, maple, agave, etc.  It's been TOUGH, but I do feel a big difference - especially in my sleeping patterns.  However, I can't wait for February to come because this preggo mama has been craving icecream something fierce!</p>
<p>I had my ultrasound on 1/3/11 - I was hoping to find out the gender this time around (kept it a surprise with DS) but baby was in a breech position and we didn't get a good looksy at "the parts".  So - a surprise it will remain.  My sister (who is almost finished with nursing school) says that she thinks its another boy based off of the ultrasound (she said she sees some white spots close to the pubic area which could indicate high density areas that could mean boy???).  I thought I was feeling "girl", but perhaps it's just because I really want a girl (as I've always wanted one of each).</p>
<p>Traftyn was adamant for the longest time that it was a girl because he said he talked to her while I slept..but now even he is saying it's a boy ..named Elan (pronounced ee lynn).  I love the name - my husband isn't too sure of it LOL</p>
<p>I guess only time will tell at this point.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Sending love and radiant energy to all of you beautiful mamas expecting their buds to bloom in May!!  I'm due 5/31 but really feeling I'll probably deliver sometime the first week in June.</p>
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