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Cheer me up please! :)

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Feeling overwhelmed
by the move coming up... & not happy
with the weather teasing us... a day of sun& snow melting then a day of thick snow flurries.. been going on for a week now! grr... heheh

so, please, feel free to lavish how cute my family is
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Your kids are adorable!! I love all the preggo pics of you, you are beautiful (Love the belly!!!)! I'm sorry you are overwhelmed right now, may it pass soon!!
Adorable!! You are too cute with that belly (sigh, WHY haven't I taken more pictures this pregnancy!?!)

And your family is precious. Ahhh Newborns.... I can't wait for my baby to make an appearance!!

Thanks for sharing!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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