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Cheers! To all you busy moms...

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Mommy goes to sleep...

Mom and Dad are watching tv, and then mom says, "I'm tired and it's already late. I think I'll go to sleep".
She then went to the kitchen and made sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. She washed the popcorn bowl, took the meat out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow, filled up the sugar jar, set the table for breakfast and made the coffee pitcher for the morning.

She then put a load of wet clothes in the dryer, put a new load in the washing machine, ironed a shirt and sewed on a button.

She picked up some toys, left out on the table, put the phone back in it's cradle and put the phonebook away.

She watered the plants, took out the garbage, and hung up a towel to dry. She then yawned, stretched and walked towards the bedroom.

She stopped by the desk to write a note to a teacher, collected some small change for a fieldtrip, and picked up a schoolbook that was hiding under the chair.

She wrote a birthday card for her friend, made out the envelope and put on a stamp. She then made a short shopping list. She put both of these next to her purse.

Mom then cleaned her face with a special cream that does 3 in 1, put on an anti-aging cream, brushed her teeth, flossed and then trimmed her nails.

Dad yells: "I thought you were going to sleep?"
Mom: "I'm on the way"

She poured some water in the dog's bowl and let the cat out. Then she checked all the doors and windows to make sure they're locked and that the porch light is on.

She checked each child, turned of reading lamps, television, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks in the laundry, and had a short conversation with dd who was still doing homework.

In her bedroom mom set her alarm clock, picked out her clothes for the following day, rearranged her shoe drawer and added six more things to her "important to do" list.

Around the same time dad calls out to nowhere - "I'm going to bed". and went. without any further thoughts.

And you wonder why women live longer? Cause we were born for the "scenic route". And we can't die earlier cause we just have a few more things to do!
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I don't think I ever saw my mom sit down & relax til I was about 15...and watch tv-- never! :LOL
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Actually this describes my dh more than me!
Once the kids are asleep I usually limit my work to writing in baby books and organizing pictures...sometimes I clean up from dinner!
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that's me to the T, than DH will wander out of bed and ask why I'm not in bed yet?
A friend and I were recently discussing why it is that women can multi-task so much better than men. She said to me, "It's in our DNA". I asked her to explain. "Imagine", she said, "our ancient ancestors. The women are in the cave all day - gathering and preparing food, making sure the fire stays lit, gathering wood, minding the children, teaching the children, nursing the babies, caring for the sick and the new/soon to be new mothers, storing for the winter, cleaning the cave, making clothing, repairing tools, fashioning storage, preparing for the next big ritual, and decorating the cave. Now imagine the men, sitting behind a bush all day, spear in hand at the ready, waiting for the next animal to come along."

Here's to all us multi-tasking mamas!
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