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Chemical found in baby food jars

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Here's a good reason to make your own baby food. Scary stuff.

Why is it we always hear about the Europeans discovering safety issues? Why do I never hear about the US with all it's scientific resources, doing the same? Seems everything comes down to convenience and money here
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Hmmm,well I recycle babyfood jars from daycare to use for homemade babyfood. What I get from this is that it's the sealant that leaches. Now, I wonder if that continues once it's used, washed, and reused?
T slightly that is.

I used to work in a grocery store and would have to clean up an occasional broken jar of baby food. After smelling that stuff that baby are supposed to eat I decided any children I may have would never eat that muck.

Our girls have pretty much always eaten what we have, when they where younger it was minus the spices and salt. They never have had a bite of commercial baby food.
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BusyMommy, maybe you can just use the glass jars and ditch the lids which seem to be the problem. When my mum used to make jam, she used to seal jars with wax paper and string.
Eek, my stepmom used baby food jars to store her EBM in when she had my sister
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