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Chemical sensitivities... your experiences

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So tell me about your experiences with chemical sensitivities. Have you gone through a period in your life where you have been really sensitive and moved past it to where they dont bother you as much?

I have been sensitive to gas fumes , perfume, tobacco smoke and chemical cleaners for quite a few years. But mostly I will just feel a little bit gross with a headache and nausea after. I get quite sick frome white sugar but not organic (must be somthing in the process)None of this has ever really limited me too much though. So yesterday my son was begging me to paint his nails. I dont use nail polish myself , but thought that it couldnt hurt. I felt pretty overwhelmed by the smell and started feeling a little bit sick. I went into a different room and thought that I would do a little workout. I came so close to passing out, threw up and crawled into bed. I didnt recover for the next 6 hours( weak , nauseous, headache) and just went to sleep at 7 last night. I am a little bit freaked out about it.

Has this ever happened to you?... Was it an isolated incedent? How have you helped yourself?
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