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chest cold

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Well, I made it all the way through December and January without getting the flu, then I got a cold in late February, got better, and last week came down with this miserable chest cold.
I never ran a fever (or if I did it was extremely lowgrade, I run cool anyhow, usually around 97) and it seems to be getting better on its own, everything is getting clear (TMI sorry) and I feel a little better each morning when I get up, so I am pretty sure I don't need to see a doctor about it. I'm still worried, though, because that's how I am. Baby has been happily squirming around the whole time I have been miserable, I've been making sure to keep my nutrition decent, and I haven't taken any drugs, but I'm still worried. Mostly it worries me how hard I have been coughing in the last couple days, as all the crap clears itself out of my lungs and sinuses. Rationally, I'm pretty sure that's not going to hurt the baby (I'm 29 weeks) but I'm still obsessing. I think it's just because it's scary to feel so miserable and drained.

So basically, I'm hoping other people will tell me how incredibly miserably ill they've been while pregnant, and that their babies turned out fine.
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Uhhh. Ok my waters broke at 29 weeks while having an incredibly horrible chest cold. Not what you asked for, I'm sorry. Everyone said that it couldn't possible be related though! Just make sure you take care of your cough. Do Vick's vapo rup. Put your face over bowls of steam. Drink lots of tea- check your ingrediants. If your cough is terrible and persistent get some perscription cough syrup or maybe something else that works. Don't stress out. It sounds like if you are on the mend you wll be fine. Is your midwife concerned?
Please don't be stressed out. I've read about women getting whooping cough while pregnant, even the last tri. and everything went fine.
You are not hurting the baby! They are protected by all that amniotic fluid!
Many women get sick even with food poisining and retching and the baby is fine. Maybe just tumbled around a bit

Feel better soon!
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