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chest pain

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Iver never had this before but Tonight,Im having chest pains,right in the middle,like between the breasts.i think theres a tightening sensation.I was having the startling pangs while reading the last exting harry potter series today with my son,Perhaps it could be al lthe exitement.I do have anxiety difficulties at times and wonder if this is just yet another manifestation.thanks,I feel kind if silly but it is unusual for me
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It could definitely be anxiety-related, or maybe heartburn? How are you feeling today?
it went away,just a bot of a tight feeling but maybe from me focusing on it.Usually heart burn for me feels like something else,thanks for responding
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Its odd,It was happenong when I was super exited with my book.Ill breathe slow and try to relax if I notice it again.I was talking to my twin and she says she sometimes wakes up from sleep anxious wit hchest pain,shes even gone to the emergency room thinking she was having a heart attack
.I wasnt consiously anxious but It must have been subconsious like you said,I apreciate your reply
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