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Over the past few days Dd seems to have become impatient with eating. After a few bites of most anything she eats (mostly yogurt and rice cheese these days), she develops rattling that sounds like it's in her chest. It clears when she cries; she does not seem to have any instinct to cough. She rattles a lot, because I've now realized she hardly ever cries.<br><br>
This follows a snotty couple of days that seemed to be associated with teething. As the snot receded, the rattling started. Last time Dd had teeth come in, she got very enthusiastic about eating. I wonder if she's entered a new and careless level of enthusiasm. I've tried giving smaller bites with more time between, but it has made no difference.<br><br>
She appears quite well, and again, the sounds fade with the first bit of cry, and do not appear again until we're into the next meal.<br><br>
Has anyone else had this happen? What might I do about it? (I'm calling my homeopath tomorrow). Thanks
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