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Chew it up and spit it out??

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My DS is 14 months old. He wouldn't touch solids until 11 1/2 mos. He has always refused to be spoon fed and will not touch any thing pureed or runny. I have been giving him finger foods like cheese slices, crackers, small pieces of meats and veggies.

He will put most foods in his mouth, chew them well and either spit them out, or pull them out with his fingers. He will then take another bite. He has molars, so the food is well chewed and could be swallowed if he wanted to. Even crackers and cheerios end up spit out. He is also teething, so he has plenty of saliva. I also give him water w/ meals.

I can tell from his diapers that he's swallowing something, but most of his food ends up half chewed on his shirt. Is this normal (whatever that means)? Any ideas how to teach him to swallow? I am ignoring DH's idea to close his mouth and stroke his throat like we do with the dogs!!
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yes it's normal. It's important to let him play and experiment with tastes and textures, it's all part of learning to eat solid foods. Definitely ignore your DH's advice, that would only lead to power struggles and possible eating disorders later on.
Both my kids did this as well as other family members I know. My dd still does this with meat at 16 months and she's been eating since 8 months. It's normal. Exploring textures and learning about the chewing process. I wouldn't worry just yet.
My ds is 26 months and started doing this lately....drives me crazy!! He keeps putting in bite after bite, only to chew it up and spit it on the floor, back in the dish....etc. Hopefully it will end soon, just another toddlerism....I sure am tired of cleaning up those gross little piles of spitty mushed food.
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