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Chew With Your Mouth Closed!!!!

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This is probably my own issue. I feel like I'm going to loose it when people around me make a lot of noise while eating.

How can I teach my 3 yo. to close his mouth while he chews? I'm not sure he is capable of learning this, but maybe there is something I haven't thought of.

Help, before my head explodes or I banish him to the picnic table to eat all his meals alone.
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Just a quick thought since I got in trouble for this at your son's age. Are you sure he can breathe with his mouth closed? I couldn't until my parents got my allergies tested and treated. I really wanted to please them (always was a parent-pleaser), but I didn't know how to choose between breathing and eating. It took me a little while to figure out what to do even after my allergies cleared up because it was a habit by then. But then my mother gave me a small mirror to use at the table (the kind with a stand so I didn't have to hold it). Once I could see what I was doing, I could figure out what I needed to do.
He's not exactly "getting into trouble." I'm just loosing my mind.

Yes, both my kids have allergies. The older one can take small bites and not disrupt his breathing. The little one just seems oblivious. The morning -- eating a peice of cereal at a time and crunching loudly! Argh.

A mirror is a great suggestion.
I think he may be to young to be able able to do that if I remember correctly. I started working seriously with Max and Jack on it a few months ago and then read an article on reasonable expectations for table manners...3-4 yr olds are able to learn to not speak with their mouth full and I believe it is 4-5 yr olds who can learn to chew with thir mouths closed. I gave up on it with Max and Jack and will try again in a few months (when they are over 4) Oh and I too am driven CRAZY by the sound of people chewing their food!
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