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Chewable Prenatals?

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Can anyone recommend a good, bio-available, chewable pre-natal? I can barely choke down my pre-natals and have been terrible about taking them. (And feeling guilty about that!)

I had the beginnings of a UTI last week and my MW recommended Cran-Actin. I got the chewable version and they were so easy to take! I took 6 a day with no problem. For my pre-natals, I can barely get 2 of 6 taken per day.

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I take Rainbow Light Nutri-Stars. They aren't a pre-natal, but a children's chewable (food based). I take 2 a day. My stomach can't take the iron in the regular pre-natals.

My midwife was ok with it and when I had my iron levels checked, they were fine.

Hope that helps!
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They do make them I jsut dont know the name but they are heart shaped if that helps. A patient told me about them when I was still working as a hygienist.
Two chewable children's Flinstone vitamins as enough folic acid. Ask your pharmacist if you want to try another brand. They should be able to help you.
Have you tried putting your regular prenatal in a spoonful of applesauce, then following with a water chaser? I couldn't take pills for YEARS and never tried the applesauce thing as I was sure it wouldn't work. Finally tried it in my late 20s and wa-la! No problem! Easy as pie, I swear! I still do this.
: When I travel, I take the little applesauce single serve cups!

You don't even need to cut them in half this way, really! Just get a glass of water, your applesauce (I personally like the consistency of the Tree Top brand - and they have a natural, no sugar added variety that I like), a spoon, your prenatals all on your kitchen counter. This must be done standing.
I am an old pro now and can do it in one spoonful but I used to put some applesauce in a small dish and take a few practice (non-pill) bites just to get my body used to the idea. (I hope only "pills are hard to take" people are reading this thread....) Then get a spoonful (not TOO big, has to be easily swallowed in one gulp), put your prenatal in so it is totally inside the applesauce on your spoon - and parallel with your spoon - and just swallow it down. I do a funny little hand motion (again, the easy pill takers are LMAO at me now), kind of like a swoosh that starts above my head and goes down, mimicking the path the pill is taking.
Visualize, they say! Chase with a few big gulps of water and you are done!

Try it and tell me how well it worked for you!!!!!
Oh, and I was one who was in tears EVERY day of my first pregnancy, trying so hard to choke down prenatals. It is SO easy now.
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I will often prescribe Natachew for those who have trouble swallowing their PNV.
I was given some samples of PreCare Chewables (Flavored Prenatal Mulitivitamin/Mineral Tablet.

I have not yet taken them, as I have been finishing up my others.

Hope this helps!

I also take 2 children's chewables that have the recommended dose of folic acid.
I had a script for chewables that I couldn't even begin to take. They had a mildew smell and I just couldn't do it (in any of the trimesters!)

I'm back to taking my normal prenatal (with additional iron and calcium), but my OB said I could take Flintstone's chewables to get past the m/s. He said in the second and third trimesters they don't have enough iron and calcium though.

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