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Hi there,<br>
I'll post this on the diaper forums as well, but I was wondering if any chicago area wahm's could add some plastic diaper snaps to my diapers/liners for a fee. I don't have enough of a need for them to buy a machine of my own but I'd gladly pay someone to help me out! I don't know if they come in different sizes but I use mother-ease and bella bottoms diapers/liners and wiggleworm bottoms covers (all of which seem to use the same size snaps). I made my own suedecloth pockets and would like to add snaps to them. I was also thinking of doing some simple fleece liners for dryness that could use some snaps.<br>
Let me know where you are, how long it might take and how much you'd like for your trouble!<br>
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