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I have recently started taking 2 supplements that have made a big difference to my energy, my sleep and my general well-being - Chia Seeds, and Humic-Fulvic Minerals - but have just come across some unsettling claims about both. Can anyone throw any light on these? Hopefully they are just scaremongering....

1 - Chia seeds - these have definitely given me more energy when I have needed it most, and I have read loads and loads of articles about the health benefits of these seeds, especially if they are raw and organic, and soaked overnight. But yesterday, I came across this article from a Paleo site. The author seems to have very hardline opinions and axes to grind, but still, he claims that taking chia seeds over the long term can be hazardous. What he says goes against everything else I have read, but if he is right, it is alarming. Can anyone offer any thoughts?

2 - Humic-Fulvic minerals - These are natural wholefood minerals from a very pure source that have noticeably helped particularly my sleep from the first day I took them. However, I have found out that it is critically important HOW they are taken. They become carcinogenic when mixed with chlorinated water, or even with food containing it. What I have not been able to find out it HOW MUCH chlorine in the water is dangerous. Even mineral water contains 5-15mg/litre of chlorine - is this dangerous? If it is taken away from water altogether, when is it then safe to drink water again? Does anybody know?


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