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Hi Ladies, I wanted to spread the word about the ChicagoLand Nurse Out. Also, you can look to see if there is one in your local area at: or you can start your own (it is really easy!)

Here is the details of the ChicagoLand Nurse Out and the general press release about Nurse Outs during World Breastfeeding Week.....

Please forward this post to local lists and friends, and also to any forums or boards you are on...

Thanks, Cathy


We will have a ChicagoLand Nurse Out on Saturday Aug 5th, from 3-5pm
in Oak Park, IL. Find me on the north west corner of Lake Street and
Oak Park Ave, I will be wearing a blue sling. Come by first when ever
you arrive to sign up for the raffle, get an official NNO button, and
get some information. Then spread out along Lake Street or Oak Park
Ave: find a nice bench, order a drink at a local outside cafe, play
at the park or wander in and out of the great shops, nursing as you
like. Meet back at the north west corner of Lake Street and Oak Park
Ave at 4:30pm for the raffle drawing. After that I plan to go to the
bread store to get something to eat and then relax in the shade at
the park! The plan is to try and "blanket" the area a couple blocks
in each direction from the intersection of Lake Street and Oak Park Ave.

Email me with any questions at:
[email protected]

More info should be available at
and the forum
and general info at
(look for the NNO link in the center).

Please join the yahoo group
the group will receive *very* low email traffic, and any
announcements for the ChicagoLand Nurse Out will be made through
there. And there is a flier in the files section of the yahoo group you can
print out and post! (And if you join, it makes me feel like someone might show up for the nurse out.)


July 18, 2006

Cathy Theys
[email protected]

ProMoM Announces 6th Annual National Nurse Out for 2006

Oak Park, IL - This year's National Nurse Out will occur during the week of
August 1-7, in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week, announced
ProMoM (Promotion of Mother's Milk, Inc.) executive director Carrie Patterson.

Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to breastfeed in public as much as
possible during National Nurse Out week, and to organize local "nurse
outs" with other mothers in their area.

"The sight of a nursing mom is unusual. We're hoping to make it commonplace,
at least during this week, and help mothers feel more comfortable
nursing their babies in public," said Patterson.

ProMoM has created a special feature area on their web site
with information about the Nurse Out, tips on breastfeeding in
public, and flyers and brochures that can be printed out.

The web site also offers a discussion board where nursing mothers can
organize their local nurse outs, and provides information that can be
downloaded for use in organizing and promoting the event locally. Anyone interested in
organizing a nurse out in their area should email [email protected] for
further details.

ProMoM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public
awareness and public acceptance of breastfeeding.

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