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Chicken bones?

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My SIL gives her 9month old chicken bones to chew on all of the time. That's to young to be letting a baby chew on isn't it? She started him on solids when he was 3 months and i've seen him choke and gag more than once. She continues to give him scrambled eggs even though he chokes on them just about every time and ends up throwing it up. She always just laughs about it. Her baby boy is a hefer he already weighs at least 25# Her ped has told her more than once the reason he spits up so much is not because of reflux but because she is overfeeding him. He only takes about 2 bottles of formula a day and eats solids the rest of the time. I havn't even thought about giving my baby solids yet at 19wks and just can't imagine giving him a chicken bone to chew on. Does anyone have any advice on how i can get her to at least give him food that's actually made for babe?
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Well, if she's not going to listen to her child's pediatrician, I think its probably a lost cause.

As far as chicken bones go, I don't think this is such a bad idea, depending on what part of the chicken she is giving him. Dr. Sears actually notes that his family uses a chicken leg bone as a teether. It might be good for him to have something to gnaw on, to satisfy his urge to chew, rather than giving more food since he is apparently already getting enough calories.

The scrambled eggs, though, that's just wrong, if they are making him throw up. And I find it so cruel that she just laughs about it.
I know he's not my baby and maybe i should just butt out but he is my brother's baby so i tend to worry about him as if he were my own. I've also noticed she lets him play with plastic bags and of course you know he's gonna put them in his mouth too. Another thing i've noticed is that he always looks dirty and a lot of the time he smells like soured milk or pee and his diapers weigh a ton. It really bothers me. He's such a sweet baby and as cute as can be. I hate bad mouthing anybody so i'm just gonna shut up now
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could you try talking to your brother? maybe he will listen to reason...
I have but she has him wrapped around her little finger. He says "i know" but never does anything about it. Sometimes i wonder if the baby is even his because of the life style they live. She's only 18 and he's 21 and right now a lot of the time it seems like sex and drugs are more important at times. I'll go over there sometimes and not see her anywhere around and he'll say " Oh, she wen't to such and such's house (a guys) I think both of them sleep aroud a lot but it's time to grow up a litte. They have a baby to take care of now.
How sad!
Maybe you could write them a letter voicing all of your concerns and why their actions or inactions are dangerous. And some suggestions for improvement. It sounds like they are both young and immature, so it might not do much good, but you never know. And at least you can get it off your chest.
I hate to hear stories like this.
I thought formula was more fattening than solids? I do know some 7 month olds that are pretty much EBF that are that big. Maybe her baby is just that big because he's suppose to be? If he's more interested in solids than his formula, then I would encourage her to serve more veggies and fruit rather than junk food (if that's what she is feeding him)
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