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Chicken Pox How would you recognize them?

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The little girl I babysit has been acting like she has felt bad for several days. I noticed she felt slightly warm today.

Then I went to change her diaper and saw that she had a red looking rash on her belly. I took off her shirt and it is all over her chest and back. and is starting to go down her arms. It is also in the bend of her knee.

How would I know if this is chicken pox?
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My daughter had red spots on her chest, back and arms. How old is the child? Could it be Roseola? are her cheeks red at all? (perhaps 5th disease/slap cheek)
She always has pretty red cheeks. These are small red raised bumps. I will post some pics in a minute. :)

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Pictures as promised.
That looks exactly like what DD just got over - Dr dx was "unknown Viral Rash" - I'm still leaning toward CP as we just had a huge outbreak here in San Antonio.

If it's any help - DD's lasted around a week, and now {1.5 after 1st symptom} only pop up if she gets really warm. Cool baths and sometimes even benedryl helped a lot.
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Thanks Dakota! We are in Texas too. Maybe that is what it is. She is vaxed for the CP but my kids aren't.
Doesn't look like chicken pox to me (but I am no expert!). Could be slap cheek. It is common for slap cheek to recur (for a week or two after the child seems better) in the evenings, after activity or when a child is warm.
It doesn't look like the CP my kids of all the kids I know who are vaxed and did get them they only got a few spots. Are the bumps fluid filled?
I'm pretty sure a chicken pox rash will change (I've never heard of one staying the same - unlike what I remember about having measles, and I think I had both kinds).

If its CP, the spots should fill up with fluid like a blister (by tomorrow) and then pop in a couple of days, then look like a dark red zit that you know you should have left alone

Is she still feeling punky today? If she was feeling gross, but got better as the rash started, that could be rosella, roseola? (its in the back of Dr. Sears book). That is a type of measles (no vax for it yet thou, lol.)
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She is still feeling gross, sleeping alot, and has a low grade temp.

One or two of the bumps are a firey red with a pus filled center.
I don't know but those don't look like the chicken pox the infants & toddlers got at the job where I was working @ in highschool it looks similiar like a heat rash more likely or maybe a bit of ecezma . I had gotten chicken pox in highschool my mom saw two bumps they were pimple like -said they were pimples same kind of pimples appeared on my eyelid in the morning and next to my eye and onmy neck I got a high fever in the ' next afternoon was grumpy as ever' next day complained of tummy ache and on my chest were bright big circled red splotches .

I was only there for 2 wks at work to get exposed to chicken pox when I was exposed to ppl for nearly 200 of them throughout my life & never got them til i was 17 working at the daycare .

Tues-Friday was my work days Tuesday was the announcing of how kids had to go home because of chicken pox -then i said i never had chicken pox so then I was in the restroom that same day - saw the two lil pimple bumps was when I questioned my mom that she said pimples nothing to worry about went to counseling couselor said nose was red after i came out my mom asked if i was crying i said no why she said nose is red . Wed Morning Same Pimple Spot On Eye lids mom was @ the ymca went to school was not feeling that very well in my family life class then went to work til i was starting to develop a fever that i was putting a coke can on my forehead . Thursday morning was day of tummy ache with big red splotches on my bbs-chest.

Definetly looking different than what my brother had when he was lil his chicken pox was bright red spots they looked like bright red dots similiar like measles.

Then a friend of mine who i had carpool her pox was different but more bright red also but less smaller than mine
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