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chicken pox in 13 month old

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Hi Mamas,

My 13 month old DD has come down with chicken pox. It started with one pox on her right temple Wdnesday and then slowly a few more showed up on her hands, legs, a couple of her back, things, etc. She doesn't have more than 20 or 30 and they are small. They're also scabbing over rather quickly with just a couple of new ones popping up here and there. No fever, a little more cranky than usual, a bit less of an appetite. One strange added symptom today...2 green, watery poops. The first one this morning was her normal and usual, then 2 more so far of watery, green poops.

She's also getting her one year old molars and her teeth are bothering her quite a bit, so this could be the reason for the green, watery poop.

She continues to nurse and play and is generally happy.

What are your experiences with your 12 - 13 month old with chicken pox? Would love to hear about it.

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My dd had CP at 12 months as well. It was miserable, but she had them everywhere! We didn't realize until she was done, that her molars also were coming in, poor thing. We did lots of aveno baths and nursing. She has a few scars on her back. It seemed terrible at the time, but now we're happy she had it naturally and early. Got it out of the way and one less vax we have to fight about.
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My dd turns 1yr old tomorrow and she just had the chickenpox Just over a week ago. They started to pop out on Thursday and by Sunday they were fading with a little bit of scabbing. No itching, no fever, nothing! She was perfectly normal and she didn't mind them a bit! I have no clue where she got them but I sure am glad she is done and over with them!! Hopefully for good!!!
Man, I wish you were closer!! I don't have any advice...just wanted to say I hope she feels better soon.

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I'd try giving her a homeopathic remedy for the chickenpox symptoms she's having. It can't hurt.
I nannied for a family years ago and the baby came down with chicken pox at about 8 months. The bad news was that her doc said that she may not be immune from having them later in life because she got them so young. This was long ago, before there was easy access to the test to check for CP immunity. She came down with the first "mother spot" the morning before her parents left for a week in Cairo--so I was left with a baby coming down with CP and her 3yo brother who was just getting over them. No fun for any of us. It was bad, but she just ran a fever and was fitfull for a few days.
My kid sister had chickenpox when she was a year old. She's now starting college and still has some pretty severe scars on her forehead from it. I don't know what you can do to keep them from touching the big ones. Band aids maybe?
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