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Chicken wandering... ?

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There really isn't any way to curb this, aside from preventing them having access outside their coop & run.. right?

I just went outside and my chickens were two whole yards (not the measurement but the actual back yard,yard) away.. I'm not sure if this is a problem for my neighbors..we don't speak really... they keep to themselves and are not friendly.. they haven't complained and the chickens have been roaming about since the spring.. so I assume they have been over there before..

I assume that chickens can't be trained to stay within our yard.. especially when the properties flow into one another (even if it is wooded)
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Are you unable to put up fencing? Frankly I'd ask my neighbors if it bothered them, if it's an issue I'd put up a fence asap; actually either way, I'd find a way to put of fencing so as not to have that worry of them either wandering too far off that they don't find their way home via stray, roadkill or whatever.
fencing is not an option, it would costs thousands of dollars as the property lines are very long... and they'd just fly over it anyway.. I don't want to clip them as they need to be able to flee predators in the woods..
Experiencing how difficult it was to even bury their run fence 6 inches due to the heavily wooded ground (roots etc) with professional machinery.. I shudder to think how hard (and costly) it would be to put in a fence in the woods..
I have a fenced backyard so mine don't really get out.

But my neighbor's chickens from across the street get into my next door neighbors yard all the time and she is livid! The problem is they dig in all her flower beds and throw the bark everywhere.

Maybe just look and see what they are doing over there and if they are making a mess, I would take them some eggs!
We're in this situation.

Our neighbors behind us have 2 hens that have "joined" our flock of 10. I feed them all in the morning & shoo them off the porch all day long
and then they go to sleep in their tree.

Our sons' are friends and pretty much play with the birds daily. The neighbor boy asked if we would "watch" his chickens next summer while he's away.

Other than keeping them in a coop all day, I don't know what I'd do. Hopefully they aren't messing with their garden.

And what Happy said, bring them some eggs!
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ah, ugh, I understand that. Well the other than keeping them in the coop unless you are playing "chicken herder", I agree with others and ask if they are a bother, and if so, offer up eggs or some other barter exchange for the "rent allowance for chicken duty".
We put up a small fenced area- we bought the movable electric netting from Premier1, but we rarely turn the electric on. The fence doesn't keep them at home all the time, but I've noticed that since we put the fence up, the chickens don't wander as far- I no longer have to go chase them home from the neighbor's property.
Our farm collie does a pretty good job of keeping the chickens from going too far! Now if I could just convince her she doesn't need to chase stray dogs any further than the property line!
Again, I agree with AM. The moveable fences are a good option and not hugely costly.

Chickens don't tend to fly over fencing, ime, especially the fatter chickens like RIRs. They do like to fly up to land/perch on things, but they are not like animals who are trying to make it over something to get to something esle.

That said, if your neighbors don't mind, it's all good.

I would worry if my neighbors chickens mingled with mine, as that is a good way to spread disease...espcially if the birds are different ages. I also would not like to deal with other people's chicken poop.
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