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Chickenpox in Bethesda!

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My 3.5 year old ds has chickenpox! (Natural case, he's unvaxed). He just broke out in blisters today (Monday). So tomorrow is prime pox-getting time if anyone wants to come over! We'll probably be home all day.

My 1-year-old dd just went through CP a couple of weeks ago, contracted them from my mom who had shingles - dd's case was extremely mild, don't know how ds will react.

PM me or email me if you want to come over!
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Too Soon!! Too Soon!!! Couldn't you have waited until the autumn??? We won't be ready until then

Good Luck!
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If I wasn't trying to get pregnant, I'd totally be there!
Ahh... if only the contagion lasted til Saturday. Friday is DS's bday, and today is DAY 20 of our wait from our last foray into chicken pox land. I'd love to have been there today!

Hope it all goes well and mildly.
I can't believe I missed it, are there any cases still going around?
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