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Chickens on strike! help!

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A week ago I picked up 6 hens (3 Barred Rocks, 3 Aracaunas) and a rooster from a local farmer who was reducing her flock due to space constraints. The chickens are nearly a year old (born at the end of April last year).

They seem quite happy in their new space (had previously been kept indoors only, and are now free-ranging much of the day), but are not laying any eggs at all. They have access to 3 private nest boxes (pine shaving in the bottom with hay on top) that have wooden eggs in them (for encouragement).

I read that stress/change can cause chickens to stop laying, and I'm guessing that that's the reason why we're not getting any eggs. But how long should I expect this strike to last? Is there anything I can do to encourage them along?

Thanks for any insight!

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I think this is very normal. Chickens are a very strict government....changes mean that they need to figure out new roles. Also depending on your temps (in your area)... they may just be waiting for some nice sunny days to reboot their internal clock.
I wouldn't worry to much about it. When my chickens slack off or their shells are getting a little flimsy: We go and get shrimp with their tails on (or more if you can get it) We eat a nice shrimp cocktail for lunch.. and we toss the tails to the hens....When they lay again...their shells are nice and hard!
I know we could get them oyster shells.. but ours are free range so they really don't need that all the time... and quite frankly... its a nice reason to eat shrimp cocktail, lol
Maybe they have found a nice little spot in the yard somewhere to lay their eggs?

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Maybe they have found a nice little spot in the yard somewhere to lay their eggs?
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If they are under a year old, they should start laying when they feel comfortable. What are they getting to eat? Are you sure they are under a year old? How do they look? Are they missing feathers around their bums? Do they look fluffy?
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