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Child care co-op

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I'm currently on maternity leave after the birth of my second child (her brother is almost 3). Since the birth of my first, I've worked full-time - part in the office and part at home after bedtime, during naps, etc. While I was working, my son would stay with my FIL, who is retired.

Now that I have my two, I'm thinking that I would like them closer to me during the day and am thinking about proposing a child care co-op situation at work. A few other co-worker moms struggle with their child care themselves, and I thought about us using some extra space in our building and collectively hiring someone to watch our kids during the day.

Before I go with my proposal, though, I'd like some help in thinking through potential barriers - licenses? insurance? anything else I'm not considering?

Anyone have any experience with something like this? Thanks so much!
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Hi there -
When my first was born, another mom and I did exactly what you described. We had an empty office space for our agency and we hired a college student to come and babysit. It worked out wonderfully. Administratively, we talked to our business atty who helped us craft waivers that both the moms and the sitter had to sign saying that we were all clear that the business was not hiring the sitter, and that the moms and sitter held the agency harmless if something went wrong. Of course, I'm not an attorney...but that's how it worked for us. And it really was a fabulous way to balance childcare and fulltime work. It stopped working when the kids got to be around 2 years old and needed more structure than freeform babysitting, but until then it was really nice.
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