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Child-Led or Mother-Led?

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I'm refering to feeding and (loosely) scheduling...NOT WEANING!

Okay, our "old schedule" was that she had a pretty set breakfast, lunch & dinner plus a feeding before bed but she was draining a very full SNS. That was the schedule SHE chose, however, she was getting formula via the SNS and still waking 2-3 times a night.

Our new "schedule" (I use this term loosely, it's more like a routine) is that she nurses AND has a solid supplement about 6 times a day. She sleeps better at night (sometimes waking once). This was a routine I chose because I was trying to wean her from the SNS.

At first it seemed fine. She was willing to nurse without the SNS and all was happy. Lately, though, my supply seems low and she's not quite as happy nursing, kwim? When I used the SNS, she stayed latched on longer and I KNOW she equated nursing with fullness and contentment. Now, though, I think she see's nursing as something fun to do, snuggling with me, and just a way to get a 'drink' before and after eating. In that regard, my supply was actually a little better with the SNS than now without it.

Her latch has also changed. When we nursed with the SNS her latch was great. But now her latch isn't so good and she's more like "nippling" me.

I should say that I was anxious to make this switch to get rid of the SNS and formula supplements before we go on vacation for Easter. So, my motivations were purely selfish. DH was kind of anxious for me to drop the supplements before vacation as well.

However, I'm thinking of going back to SNS and formula supplements. I want her to hang out on the breast longer and I want her to see me as fullfillment and not just a "drink" before and after meals, kwim?

Some of my motivations are selfish for getting rid of the SNS and I don't know if *maybe* I'm not listening to HER needs. Does that make sense?

If you've followed my story the last several months you know I'm already doing, domperidone, mother's milk tea, motherlove herbals, supergreens, oatmeal...all the lactogenic foods, herbs, drugs, etc.

I'm just confused. I HATE having low supply...sometimes I think it would have been so much easier to have given up in the beginning and gone to bottles. ACK!!! Did I say that!?!? No...we've gotten this far, I'm sure things are going to change soon. Thanks everyone!
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If you've followed my story the last several months you know I'm already doing, domperidone, mother's milk tea, motherlove herbals, supergreens, oatmeal...all the lactogenic foods, herbs, drugs, etc.
Are you pumping at all? The best way to build supply is to pump or nurse the baby more frequently. If your babies latch is not good that could also be effecting your supply (if she's not getting much out your body will slow down production).
If I wake before her, I can pump. I usually spend some time pumping in the evening after everyone has gone to bed. Since I'm homeschooling the other two, I use any naptimes or "down" time for school.

I should mention that her latch was SUPER when using the SNS and in the week after we quit using the SNS her latch was great, too. It's only been the last few days, as my milk supply seems to get lower, her latch seems to get worse. It's almost as if since there's not much there, why work for it? Kwim?
I hear you on the dilemma, Marcy. It's tough to decide between maximizing the amount of breastmilk and the quality of the relationship with the child. That's something I've been struggling with over my mommy career too.

How long are you going to be gone on vacation? can you go back to the SNS temporarily, then just drop the SNS during that time, since it's such a pain in the @ss? then re-evaluate when you get back?

Just some thoughts.
MaryJaneLouise - That's kinda what I was thinking. Maybe go back to the SNS to boost supply (doesn't that sound strange? Using formula to boost supply...). Then not take the SNS on vacation. Or maybe take enough formula (I splurged on ready-to-feed cans) for 2 feedings day (just in case). I actually have enough ready-to-feed cans to keep her on the SNS the entire time we're gone.

Okay...the benefits of having the SNS on vacation is that she'll stay on the breast and not fuss. Plus I can excuse myself to another room with her. If you knew my in-laws, you'd know why I love the "I need to nurse" excuse...LOL.

The down side is that the SNS would be a real pain to have on vacation and it would be best just to nurse and supplement with solids. I think we'll go back to the SNS this evening and tomorrow and see if she does better, worse, stays the same?

This low-supply thing is hard work! I wish there was some magic answer, kwim?
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