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I just recently split up with my kids father, we have 2 sons together. I haven't received any type of help from him, as far as financially. He has seen them a few times since I left him in December. I have a lawyer, who I go see tomorrow to have papers drawn up. As a mother, I didn't want to have to ask for everything from him. I was only going to ask for child support, which he has already been paying since 2007.(Long story) I haven't received support since Oct 09. He is drawing unemployment, and just started a new job. He wont send me anything. Keeps saying he doesnt have the money. The state is now going to go in and try to take it out of his unemployment.
My question is, what is he responsible for?
Should I ask for child support, half of child care, half of any extra curricular activities, insurance? I'm stumped here. I wasn't going to ask for anything but child support because I thought he would help me out with everthing else, but I see now that he won't. So I feel I have no where else to turn.

Im working a job paying 7 dollars an hour. 40 hours a week. Child care is 170 a week. Im struggling. He is going out with little girls who are 20, hes 30. Partying. Drinking, Smoking. It just bothers me, because I feel like he is getting drifted from his boys. And wont step up and do what he needs to do.

What do I do?
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