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1.) Birth Balls by Polly Perez (retails 6.95 from ICEA) - Care and use of birth balls in maternity care - $4ppd<br><br>
2.)Your Childbirth Education classes:Finding clients by andrea Robertson (8.00 from ICEA) - I have the first and second editions. 1st - $4ppd, 2nd - $7ppd<br><br>
3)Doing the next Best Thing Game from Birthing From Within (this is the old version with laminated cards) - the carrying case is a little wrinkled, but all itmes inside are in great condition. - $15ppd<br><br>
4.) Epidural teaching aid - actual epidural needle and catheter set sealed in pkg - Very effective teaching tool! - $6ppd<br><br>
5.) 4 ICEA journals from 2000/2001 - (topics: Alternative medicine, Technology, Cultural diversity, open focus) $1.50ppd ea or all 4 for $5ppd<br><br>
6.) Presenting Unexpected OUtcomes - a Childbirth Educators Guide by Sherokee Ilse - $8ppd<br><br>
7.) VBAC Sourcebook and Teaching Kit by Jukelevics and Ancheta - $15ppd<br><br>
All shipping via media mail or first class (when approppriate). Please email me at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> with any questions. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts