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i am just so excited and relieved right now. i am a student, and this is the first semexter that we have had to find childcare for ds while i am in class. it is just 3 days a week, but it has been so hard for me to leave him!!!

last week i had to leave him (on friday) at a drop in day care. he is 19 mos. he cried the whole time they said .
he had been there before a couple of times , and cried those times also, but since then he had been watched by friends (in thier homes ) and did just great so i thought the daycare wouldnt be so traumatic for him this time. i was so freaked out about him crying (for an hour and a half) that i got a teeneage friend to come watch him in my home for mon. and he did GREAT! then today i swapped with some freinds. i watched thier baby this morning then the dad came and played with ds while i went to class.

the dad wanted to take the boys to the park , which made me nervous, but i knew ds would enjoy it..

when i came back he had both boys sound asleep laying next to each other on the couch
! i couldnt believe it, and it was just SOOOOOOO cute!!!

i am meeting with a woman that does childcare in her home tomorrow, and she will just have four kids total including my ds...two of the kids are her own. i am so excited cuz i know he will have fun, and i think it was just that drop-off daycare he doesnt like!!! ( and secretly i worry that they were mean to him or something)

anyway i am just so glad i dont have to bring him back there again.

thanks for letting me share my excitement!!
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