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Childhood obesity linked to lack of sleep

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Interesting stuff...makes sense that lack of sleep and obesity would be correlated, if you think about it! Whether it is causation though, don't really know.

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I once saw a study on like a 20/20 show where they had test subjects who were allowed to eat certain things but were also forced to stay awake and get sleep deprived. Over the course of the days, the ppl ate worse and worse food. Apparently your body craves junk when your sleep deprived, probably for the quick sugar boost. Thus leading to obesity. I have to say that when I am tired I eat what is quick and cooking is not quick for the most part. Plus when your tired you don't want to exercise you want to sit and watch TV. SO this makes sense to me.

Off to read the article you posted
Room and bed sharing. Some parents may feel sharing their bedroom and/or bed with their child is more natural than having separate rooms, that it is important for emotional development. There may be cultural preferences as well.

From the point of view of obtaining uninterrupted sleep and considering various social and psychological issues, it is generally not a good idea. Everyone sleeps better alone - that is, we have fewer sleep disturbances and awakenings. Children in the same bed and/or bedroom also may not learn how to fall asleep themselves and tend to have sleep problems. Smothering is also a concern.
This was one of the "ten tips for good sleep habits" addresed on the sidebar of that article. Grrr.
Well I disagree with that. I sleep much better with my children with me then when they are in their rooms. However I do think that lack of sleep does contribute to obesity
The co-sleeping stuff annoys me. Somehow, I don't think I'd get a lot more sleep if ds2 was in another room, crying his little heart out.

However, the link between sleep deprivation and obesity is something I'd concluded a long time ago - at least for myself. In the stress-packed last year of my first marriage, I slept very little (I tend to insomnia when I'm stressed) and put on about 30 pounds...I was inhaling all kinds of crap...I ate good food, but I followed it up with a ton of garbage. I was going through a whole bag of candies (caramels, toffee, etc.) at my desk most days, and eating a lot of quick, easy, high-calorie, processed junk in the evenings. I still haven't taken all that weight off.
(Of course, I have had two babies since then.
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My pulmonologist thinks so too. I have sleep apnea, and my doctor is reasonably sure I've had it since birth (it's NOT cute when your baby snores BTW) and it got much worse about the time I was age 10 I was overweight, but age 19 obese....I've always craved junk food....always had a hard time waking up in the morning etc. Once I was put on a c-pap machine weight slowly started coming off.
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