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Hi Community!

My son (20 m/o) plays twice a week at a friend's house; they have a 17 m/o. We have a "baby swap," wherein the kids are there in the morning and at our house in the afternoon.

In the living room of the other parents' house there are two bookshelves heavy with books and they are unanchored to the wall. I've expressed twice now to these parents that I'd like them to be anchored in and that it makes me nervous to have my son over there without them anchored in. They have essentially avoided doing anything about it, because they are moving next year and don't want to put holes in the wall. I've offered to come and do the anchoring for them even; I have the exact same bookshelf which I've anchored in our home.

It's reached a point where I'm uncomfortable letting my son play over there. He isn't a "climber" yet, but I know how fast things can happen and I'm worried that being complacent is allowing these other parents to simply ignore me.

Am I out of line? Am I being too concerned? How do I proceed? Other than this instance we're good friends with the parents and our kids get along really well. The baby swapping situation is also very convenient for both parties and is saving us a lot of money, so I'd like it to continue, but not at the risk of my son's safety.

Appreciate all thoughts and advice.
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