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children and charity

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needs some ideas for involving my 6.5 yo in giving this holiday season. we usually make a donation to seva or heifer but i i'd like to start introducing the idea of giving in a concrete way.

not feeling very creative right now....

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Our kids are making fleece scarves for the homeless...we'll take them to the shelter with some of those magic gloves that are 2/$1 at wal-mart.

It's very easy, with any length of fleece, cut six inches, making sure the selvages (bound ends) are at the end. Then just cut those in 1/2 strips to make a fringe. They're very warm, durable and easy to do.

We're also making baskets for the teen program in our city, a laundry basket with new toiletries, cleaning supplies and kitchen wares. Unfortunately there are many teens in our city who are living independently due to bad circumstances at home. The kids LOVE to pick out soaps, shampoos and towels, and I like buying green cleaners
for the new generation of independent living.
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This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately, too. I probably won't get around to doing anything until after the holidays but I'll be taking notes & getting ideas on how to move forward in the new year.

I'm considering volunteering at a PADS shelter. I did this a few times last year & brought the girls with me to help serve dinner but they were still a bit young & not into it. I really think they'll have a better grasp of what it all means at ages 5.5 & 4 (not completely, but definitely more).

I like the idea of making fleece scarves, too. Maybe we could incorporate this into PADS....
A soup kitchen experience

Collecting non-perishables and/or volunteering at a food bank

Making/buying things to give to struggling families

Making/buying/recyling warm clothes, etc. for the homeless
If i had any money...extra and i see a homeless person i like to bring them a meal from Mcdonalds or Burgerking or hand them money. Ask what they want or need,bring homemade cookies. I would LOVE to be able to give to Ronald McDonald house. They were great to us when our son had surgery! Since we are struggling now i enjoy giving to freecycle!
We give new and used toys to our local organization that gives out toys for Christmas. DD gets to pick almost everything and then we take it all to DHs office to go under the tree there.
Do you have a local Ronald McDonald House? Zeb has been donating time there for over a year with his Gramma. They pack lunches for the families that sit with the kids in the hospital. Our local RMH welcomes kids as volunteers.

Something we used to do as kids: We'd find a family in need, get a box, fill it with a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc (anything needed for a dinner), include a couple of presents for the family (board games, etc), drop the box box and presents on the doorstep and play ding dong ditch til they opened the door (the only time we wouldn't getting introuble for ding-dong-ditch!).

After Thanksgiving and Xmas dinner, we make plates out of the leftovers and drive them downtime, offering them to any homeless. Our city recently made this illegal
: not that it would stop us.

We tend to give anonymously, so it doesn't become something we do for recognition. Plus it's less embarassing for people to receive anonymously.
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A couple more tangible ideas to add:

Ringing for Salvation Army - it's become a holiday tradition to split up a shift with a few other families.

Our library takes new or used children's books for their holiday book drive.

Donating stuffed animals to the police or fire departments.
when my daughter started noticing homeless people standing with signs asking for help (she was around 2.5) we went to Costco and got the supplies to make little kits to hand out. we include a thick pair of socks, beef jerkey, trail mix, Cliff Bar, a bottle of juice, a can of soup with a pop-top lid, a plastic spoon, and a little bottle of hand sanitizer. we always keep one in the front seat of the car so we can hand them out whenever we are in the car and see someone.

a 6.5 year old could help choose what to put in the bags, decorate the bags, etc.
i just emailed to see what projects they can suggest for a 6 yo old. i'll let you know what they say.

for reasons i won't get into, i'd rather give to an organization that helps people where there are no social services available to them.

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i just emailed to see what projects they can suggest for a 6 yo old. i'll let you know what they say.

for reasons i won't get into, i'd rather give to an organization that helps people where there are no social services available to them.
heifer is a wonderful organization. You are basically helping to provide opportunities to those who lack them. I don't know if they have things specifically geared toward kids. The way I understand them, you send the money for them to buy livestock, fiber-producing animals, or the like so that they may have a sustainable source of income. I love the idea behind it!

Can't wait to hear what they tell you.
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Some things we are doing:

volunteering at the seniors home to decorate. We'll bring cookies and small decoration gifts for the residents (orange cloves, waldorf stars and other simple decorations to give out).

We have a hs group craft fair and we are donating the money we raised to 2 charities Kiva and one related to diabetes in honour of my daughter.

We are making mittens and hats out of my stash of fleece and felted sweaters to decorate the tree at the church we go to. They get donated to the local school which has a some what high needs population.

Our co-op group is going to sponsor a family I think - if we can get our act together.

We save birthday gifts that aren't our style or are duplicates and donate them to the toy drive. (it's actually scary how much this generates).

I am trying to find a way to connect with people who need help who might fall outside of other services. We go to the UU church and a woman has an informal network of people who she knows who can often use a bit of food or a bit of help at the end of the month. This hasn't taken shape yet. In our city kids can't volunteer directly at the drop in center and so I am hoping to find ways for our family to connect beyond just dropping off food. While that is a wonderful gesture I think it sets up a situation where we focus on the problem rather than helping the people. Hopefully that's clear - kids apparently need some attention
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well the kind woman at pointed out something i should have seen on the website myself.

i'm sure i can find something on here to adapt to our family. i ordered a free leader's guide too.
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DD asked me to find a soup kitchen so we can volunteer.

We had Vietnam Vets Assoc. pick up four boxes of clothes and books.

We went to a website for the local women's homeless shelter and printed out the list of Needs. We're going to shop for some things and then take it over to the shelter.

We donated non-perishable food goods to a few places around town.

The library is accepting new children's books right now so we're going to go buy one together and take it there.

I basically tell her some ideas and she figures out which ones she's comfortable with.
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