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Children's books about multicultural families

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Can anyone recommend children's books at any level that feature multicultural families?
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I will check out my son's book shelf, but off the top of my head, I would reccommend all of Pete Seegers books first. He and his illustrator do a wonderful job of showing many many different cultures in the illustrations (even if the story line is not focused on multicultural family issues)

Abiyoyo Returns
The Deaf Muscians
Some Friends to Feed, the story of stone soup
. . .
Have you checked Amazon? I found them to be a great resource and ordered some multicultural books from them for the children I work with. The reviews also tend to be helpful.

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Abiyoyo Returns
The Deaf Muscians
Some Friends to Feed, the story of stone soup
. . .
There's an Abiyoyo Returns?! Who knew? My children love the original. I'll have to check that

How about The Colors of Us by Karen Katz?
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Some to consider....
"Liliana's Grandmothers" by Leyla Torres
"I love Saturdays y Domingos" by Alma Flor Ada
"Hello, Lulu" (boardbook, others in the series) by Caroline Uff
"The Hello, Goodbye Window" by Norton Juster
"An African Princess" by Lyra Edmonds
"Maxwell's Mountain" by Shari Becker
"Two Mrs. Gibsons" by Toyomi Igus
"The way we do it in Japan" by Geneva Cobb Iijima
"A Child's Calendar" by John Updike
"Buzz" by Janet Wong
"Our Loving Grandparents" by Kathy Fannoun (Muslim characters)

There are several by David Spohn, but they seem to be out of print, with African American boys and their white father (mother appears to be white as well, but she's not really a character in the book)

About the parents' relationship
"How My Parents Learned to Eat" by Ina R. Friedman
"Yoshiko and the Foreigner" by Mimi Otey-Little

And "Celebrating Ramadan" by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith and Lawrence Migdale
which features a (real) boy whose mother is Egyptian and father's parents are a Bosnian and an American convert (grandparents are featured in the book)

I also recommend this for you:
"Does Anybody Else Look Like Me?: A Parent's Guide To Raising Multiracial Children" by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
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