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Children's Consignment Sale

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Hi all, I got really inspired on our Spring trip to Omaha by their HUGE kid's consignment sale. So I'm going to do one here in Durango. I've decided to do it mid or late August so there will only be fall/ winter clothes. I'll take 30% of profits. I think I'll do it at the high school (if they'll let me) for a small fee, I'm assuming.
So here's my question (possibly the first of many
I need price tags. Some that are perferated in the middle with the same info on both halves. I looked on Oriental Trading, but no luck there. Anyone know where to get these?

Also, has anyone ever done this and have some peals of wisdom to share? Or has anyone been to a sale they really liked something about?

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Here's some on ebay

My aunt had a kid's consignment shop for years...loved it. These are the tags she used. You can put them on with a small safety pin thru the tag and the tag on the item if you don't have a gun
Sounds like fun, btw. I would say to maybe have a few free activities for kids if you can....coloring, face painting, something like that. That's always a big plus at fundraisers so the moms can look longer, so maybe it'd help at your sale. Good luck!
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good link! geez, they sell everything on ebay, don't they?!

I also did a search and found a company that does these sales in big cities and has the sellers make their own tags according to certain instructions. Sounds like a good idea to me. I like the ebay ones, too, though. Well, that's a little concern now. I was hoping to do it at the local high school b/c it's right on the main road and I figured it wouldn't be too expensive to rent their gym or cafeteria or something. But I called the district office and they said ALL of the schools are doing construction the whole summer! DARN! So I called the fairgrounds (which is also in the middle of town) but they charge $45/hr (ya right, not for 4 days!), I had also thought about the old K-mart that was in the mall, but the mall said they're demolishing it this summer! So I'm waiting to hear back from the rec center if they'll give me deal for several days and also waiting to hear from a church that is pretty centrally located.
I thought doing it outside isnt' a good idea, right? Maybe I should stroll through town and see if there are any stores that are for rent that maybe I could rent for a few days? Does that sound like a good idea?

I like the crayon idea, I went to a cons. sale that had a TV for the kids, but it was kind of weird. I like crayons better

any other thoughts?? I want them ALL!
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you may be able to find helpful information at - I haven't been there in awhile, but I'm not sure what's there right now.. there are over 100 sales twice a year here in Atlanta, and she charges something like $5 to list them on her site... at one time there was info on how to get it all set up, not sure if that's there now.
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I've been thinking (scary) and since you want to have it over a couple of days, you could get other groups/orgs involved. Like let them set up their own stuff and either charge them a flat rate or work out some kind of percentage thing with them. That way all that overhead would be alot easier to handle. Also, do you have a univ nearby? It may be cheaper to rent a space from them since it's summer. If you wanted to do a bit of work and advertising you could turn it into a flea market that would be over however many days and charge like $20 a booth or something. Wish I was down there...I'd love to be involved and help out. :LOL
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