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Getting ready for winter? I have lots of new with tags Children's Place items!<br><br><b>HATS</b>: These are two toned fleece hats with tassels and velcro chinstraps.<br>
*6-12mo red with light grey<br><br><b>HATS</b>: These have nylon with fleece lining, tassels, and velcro chinstraps.<br>
*6-12mo black with bright blue fleece<br>
*6-12mo navy blue with bright (neon?) green fleece<br>
*6-12mo grey with orange fleece<br><br><b>MITTENS</b>: These are fleece with a contrasting nylon color around the seams and have Thinsulate insulation. They match the hats above.<br>
*6-12mo navy blue fleece with bright (neon?) green (note: these are mitts, they don't have a thumb)<br>
*18-24mo grey fleece with orange<br>
*36mo-4T navy blue fleece with bright (neon?) green<br><br><b>SETS</b><br>
*36mo-4T grey fleece with orange hat and matching thinsulate mittens<br>
*4-6 two-tone pink fleece hat (has tassel, no chinstrap) and cuffed gloves<br><br>
and, an odd item out:<br>
*6-12mo 40g Thinsulate nylon mittens, black with maroon accents<br><br><b>Each item is $4 ppd, sets are $6 ppd. Buy more than one item and take $2 off!</b><br><br>
I prefer funded (non-CC) Paypal, but will also accept money orders. I will also trade for items from my ISO list.<br><br>
natural/organic/wooden toys<br>
Liz's Cloth Nighty Noodles, size 2<br>
aplix/velcro wool wraps, any size<br>
wool soaker pants for a 23lb baby<br>
comfy women's clogs, size 9 or 9.5<br>
lady's wristwatch in EXC, no leather<br>
man's wristwatch with alarm in EXC<br>
Banana Republic women's tees (long or short sleeved), medium<br>
queen size sheet set<br><br>
Post here, PM me, or email <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br>

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Edited for sold items <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Stick Out Tongue">
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