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Child's Doll Sling

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Hi all~

I loaned out my Elizabeth Lee pattern forgot & moved across country so I cannot get it back easily
: Anyhoo~ I have made a few ring slings so I know how to make them~

What I need is the measurments for a child sized one? If I can get the measurement I can make my 5yo old before this baby arrives

Thanks in advance!
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I measure my kids for their slings the same way I measure myself/friends for slings (unpadded ring slings). For the length of the sling I measure from shoulder to hip, back up to shoulder and down to desired length of tail. For the width of the sling I measure from the collarbone to the hip adding a couple inches for child and 6-8 for adult.

Hope that made sense!
Thank yoU! Makes perfect sense~

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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