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Child's mattresses/futons

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I would like to buy two matching beds for 2 DC. Looking at regular twin mattresses, but they are so much more expensive than I thought!! Ideally I'd like to get them twin size futons and futon frames (we learned the hard way what NOT to do with futons, ie putting them directly on the floor
). Some questions: will a futon last them until college; I'd like for them to be able to take it with them if needed when they move out (another 16 years)? Any suggestions on where to get a good futon?

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All three beds in my house come from here. These are the best quality futons I've seen, and they're handmade right here in NJ, so no worries about sweat shops and low-quality materials. I think that if you keep it properly aired and sunned, and use a wool topper, the futon will last a LONG LONG time. At least mine have.
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