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Chinese eggplants

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Any ideas? I know what I would do with regular eggplants, but I wondered if anyone had any ideas for the Chinese variety?

I couldn't resist buying a boatload at the farmer's market
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We make a vegetarian lasagna with it.
I use the mandolin to slice it thick and than layer it with sauces, cheese and lasagna noodles. It is alway's a hit around here.
I'd like to see what others do with the eggplant.
I do the lasagna thing with them too. Honestly, I didn't do a taste comparison and I have no doubt there are differences in flavor, but any differences seem subtle to me. Basically, it's an eggplant. Looks a little different from the dark purple variety, but you can do the same things.
I just didn't know if there was a way to take advantage of the shape. The ones I got are very long and thin. I made a sort of lasagna thingie and it was good, I just wondered what else I could do.
They are generally more tender and flavorful than regular eggplant. They are really good in a spicy stir-fry with garlic or something similar.
we slice them on the diagonal (about 3/8-1/2") and grill, broil, fry, or steam them. Then we toss them with a really flavorful sauce. I use tamari (chickpea miso tamari), sesame oil, ume plum vinegar, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds (toasted), and red miso (adzuki bean). DH makes a simpler sauce. We also like them with salted chillies and sesame oil.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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