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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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I am a big believer in chiropractic care/kinesiologists, and I threw my back out yesterday moving DS's train table by myself (smart). I slept okay, and feel better this morning, but could definitely use an adjustment. I've never been treated by a Chiropractor during pregnancy and was wondering if anyone had? Anything to consider? Thanks!
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Oh yeah, definitely. Really helps me with the backaches and headaches from carrying all this extra weight around.

The only thing to consider is to be sure to ask your doctor to use the pregnancy inserts in his table - funny foam pads to give you room for your breasts and tummy. It'd seem like it'd be obvious, but I think some of them don't want to assume a woman's pregnant in case they're wrong.
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I did something similarly stupid, LOL, during my first pregnancy, when 7 months pregnant. Two things actually. My husband was in Australia and I went to return the key for our apartment, and I thought I'd just check the basement to make sure he and his friends actually got everything that was ours. NOT! So I was lugging a huge box with a "play yard" baby gate up curvy ricketing steep basement stairs, among other things. Then I had to drive up to my house in Vermont that weekend to finish packing (my father wasn't feeling well, we didn't yet know about his cancer) all by myself, so I was moving heavy book boxes around, ugh
By the time Rob returned from his trip I could barely move. I couldn't even lay down without a big production.
So we shelled out $90 each for a few chiropractor visits. I honestly don't know if it was anything he did, or him demanding I take a week off weork to rest (I took 3 days
), but once he got out the "flower essences" the cynic alarm went off in my head and I never went back, not that we could afford any more visits anyhow.
But to have me lay on my stomach (he was supposedly experienced with pregnant women, even with his own wife) he put slanted blocks under my hips. Even with those I just couldn't relax, I can't stand beig on my stomach anyway, and it felt like I was squishing the baby. So I would have preferred something done only while laying on my sides. I've heard of other people who use a donut shaped pillow instead, which sounds more comfy.
While I've tried a chiropractor again after pregnancy (but have given up on the practice because no insurance we've had will cover it, and I'd have to go almost every day to have it work), that's my only pregnancy experience with it.

- Krista
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i highly recommend it. i was adjusted regularly during both pregnancies. my chiro is actually trained to use the webster technique, which, is specifically designed to use on pregnant mamas. it helps keep everything open and flexible in the hip area to help encourage/ease with a natural birth.

good luck.
Yes, I highly recommend it too. I was adjusted several times during my first pregnancy and have been this time too. Ahhh, I should probably schedule another one.
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My Chiro visits have kept me going! My mw recommended it after I started gettng some wicked headaches...and sure worked. I had never been to one and the first visit was a little...weird...(I'm not used to hearing my joints crack like that!), but it totally worked. Good luck!
Yes, I went all the time in my first pregnancy and to a massage therapist too. It was great.
I'm a HUGE fan of accupuncture as well, cured my sciatica in 2 sessions.
Thank you ladies! I've gone occasionally over the years and loved it, but was just concerned about being pregnant. You've all eased my mind! Oh, and, I've never had my chiro use 'essence of anything' on me. LOL!
I've been going to the chiro since I got pregnant, like twice a month. I think I'd be a misaligned wreck if I didn't. He's been doing the same cracks he's always done on me, though lightening up on the hip adjustment. He keeps threatening that at a certain point, we won't be able to do that one, but so far so good. My doc doesn't do the Webster technique, and my midwife has recommended someone who has, but I'm reluctant to switch chiropractors and explain my whole tale of misaligned woe for the kajillionth time. What's Webster like?
I was thinking about asking my ob for a recommendation for a pg friendly chiro tomorrow. I went long, long ago, but the chiro couldn't ever seem to get my fully adjusted and I would leave feeling worse instead of better. My dad went to him though and said he was the best he had ever been to. So that makes me worry about my ability to use chiro care. Anyway, my hips always seem a bit out of whack and now being pg isn't helping it at all. I can be walking through the grocery store and my left hip just seems to go numb on me and it hurts a lot. I'm glad you brought this up. I think I will go ahead and ask about it tomorrow.
I'm a pregnant chiropractor, and I can't imagine going through pregnancy without it! (Of course, I am at least a little biased.) Chiropractic care does wonders for your body during pregnancy. Not only does it keep you moving and really diminish the amount of pain you have to deal with, it can help get everything lined up for labor. And it keeps your nervous system functioning, so your body can work at 100% while growing this little wonder.

I don't use the Webster technique, even on pregnant ladies (I see a lot of them). Almost every chiropractic technique is safe in pregnancy - it's really a matter of finding a doctor you like, whose work works for you. (I have definitely not ever used essence of anything on any of my patients, pregnant or no. And I don't ring bells, though I had a chiro once who did...too much for even me.) As for lying on your belly, it all depends on what kind of table and pillow setup your doc uses. I have a big donut pillow that I've used with people all the way through, and only a couple of times have I needed to rearrange my setup to make someone more comfy.
You do want to have a doctor who sees pregnant women regularly. They will be more up to date on their pregnancy info and will have more tricks up their sleeve to make you happy and comfortable.

If anyone has other questions, or wants me to do some research regarding a referral in your area, feel free to pm me.
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Wow, funny this thread was started 4/13 & I went to a chiro for the first time 4/13!

I don't know yet how much it's going to help me, but I was very comfortable w/ her. She has a really fancy "table" that is electronically adjustable & has a specific thing in the middle that accomodates the belly.

One thing that I found interesting is that over & over she said that chiropracitic is about restoring wellness & Life & she does not treat illness or problems. I think this is a great philosophy, but I have some serious lower back pain going on! So it will be interesting to see if restoring Life takes care of my lower back pain
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Originally Posted by JenMidwife
One thing that I found interesting is that over & over she said that chiropracitic is about restoring wellness & Life & she does not treat illness or problems. I think this is a great philosophy, but I have some serious lower back pain going on! So it will be interesting to see if restoring Life takes care of my lower back pain

I do frequently tell my patients that being pain-free is a common side effect of increased health.

Seriously, though, pain is a sign of cell damage and death, and so yes, as your body regains its health (or stops pressing on the [email protected]#& nerve that runs down your leg, etc) the pain does go away. But I still see that as a side effect
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I have been going to my chiro since February and I started going twice a week, then once a week and now twice a week.

I have WICKED sciatica that he helps me with. (I am about to call and ask if i can come in early this time )

I LOVE going. Makes me feel so much better afterwards. I started going last year about this time because the sciatica never went away after my 1st pregnancy.

He has a table that is adjustable (
) He flips a lever on the mid section and it slumps down. He showed me a way to adjust my back by laying on my back and crossing my arms, but my bb's are in the way and I am just not comfortable being adjusted that way.
I told him as long as the table can accomodate my belly and it is safe, i will continue being face down as long as I can. It is so nice to be able to lay that way! I miss it!

He is one of my biggest cheerleaders on having a VBAC and said that chiropractics will probably help get everything lined up for it. I hope so!

Just wanted to add my 2c.

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