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chiropractor in MD suburbs?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good chiropractor, experienced in prenatal issues, in the Maryland 'burbs of DC? I live in College Park, but would go to Silver Spring, Bethesda, etc., for a good practitioner. Any contact info would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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this might not help you any but i love Tania she is in Annapolis tho
Dr. Joel Starr is great with pregancy. Helped me, many of my clients, his wife in her five pregnancies...


Lorrie Leigh
I love love love Dr Dan - Terrapin Chiropractic. If you don't like precious French Bulldogs though, do not go. His babies work with him. He is in the same shopping center as MOMs and REI.
I got a rec from this board for Dr. Mariela Young when I was pregnant last year. She specializes in pregnant women and she is wonderful!

Her number is 301-770-9601.

She is off of Rockville Pike at Executive blvd.
Thanks for all the suggestions--I'm looking forward to checking into my options.
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