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Chiropractor or Accupuncture?

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I seem to have a million minor physical complaints and very limited funds. Does anyone have an opinion either way on which would be a better fit for my needs? Let me complain for a moment:

-My ankle is weak and twingy. I sprained it 10 years ago and it's bugging me now. I stood wrong at the store today and pain shot through it.
-My right hip feels loose and achy - my hamstring is sore too and I think this is related.
-My perineum is gone. It tore at birth #1 and was repaired and then it totally fell apart 2 weeks after birth #3. I had surgery to put it back and that surgery fell apart 1 month after it was performed. I will be scheduling a plastic surgery and I want to help it heal.
-There is a spot on my back that feels like a scratch or cut or blister. As if it's rubbed raw by my bra strap. But there is no visible mark there. I can't wear a bra or a tank top or any shirt that rubs that area or I want to scream.
-I feel like I haven't healed completely on the inside since giving birth almost 4 months ago. I get uterine cramps here and there that are a bit annoying (not pregnant and don't have my period).
-I keep getting these hard white bumps on my face. They aren't too noticeable, but I've been told they are cholesterol deposits? I get rid of them by poking with a sterile needle and squeezing. This doesn't leave a scar but I wish they would stop showing up. I asked a dermatologist about them and was told they would poke and squeeze them to get rid of them so I guess I'm just doing what they would do.

I'm surprised I can't come up with more whining :p
Or am I barking up the wrong tree and should I get a totally different type of overall health treatment?
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you should see a chiropracter and /or maybe a physical therapist.

i bet that sore spot in your back is a nerve that is pinched. that can feel like burning and extra sensitivity. i have a friend going into physical therapy and she said alot of women after they have babies get this weird loose hip syndrome. so you might have had something shift and its pinching.

also are you still nursing? i had all kinds of loose joint issues after about 2 years of nursing. something about the prolactin does something to you.

ok i gotta go put ds to bed HTH
Still nursing? Heh. I havent stopped nursing since Jan 2001.
So that's how you get people to answer a post in H& a linkie in TAO. :LOL I've gtten frustrated trying to wait for answers here too.

I say Chiro. I've had accupuncture twice for labor, and I think it's good. Yet, I go to my Chiro first when somehing is wrong. Sounds like you have things that chiro care may help. I hope you get to feeling better.

I've also been nursing nonstop since Jan 2001.
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hey there...i nursed 3 years i get kudos right ?




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I have a similar ankle, hip and back problem. I started out at an orthopaedist and just spent $200 on orthotic inserts. I have a loose ankle, dropped arches ( how do people who never wear shows not have foot pain?) and tendonitis in the tops of my feet.

After i went to the foot Dr, I started going to the chiro. This was a couple of weeks ago. Had my 4th visit today.
For me it is $15 per visit with insurance. He wants me to come twice a week but i really didnt plan on spending $60 every 2 weeks for this. I am torn on this issue. ugh. And it kinda bugs me that i am paying about $1.50 a minute. :LOL I know, I know...

oh that brastrap area pain- chiro called it brastrap syndrome. Says it is very common. esp for nursing mommas and women who sit a lot during the day ( not saying those two are related. )

One plus is that his wife is a nutritionist and herbalist. I talked to him today about some issues that DS is having and he is gonna ask her. He also made me not feel so bad about being overweight and didnt give me the lecture about it. He suggested i cut out ( or at least cut back) on milk and milk products and says he bet i will feel a lot better by just doing that and will probably lose weight.

anyway, sorry for rambling.

My whole body feels a lot better after just a few visits. ( except on days i get adjustments, i am sore and get migraines but we are working on that one. ) I told DH i feel taller and straighter. The orthotics have managed to rub my right foot raw and my feet hurt worse. The chiro says he wished i had found him before getting them.

good luck with your situation. Hope you feel better in all ways soon.

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it totally depends upon the practicioner. i think either could work for you. sorry, not what you wanted to hear. :LOL

do you have health insurance? will it cover chiro? that would probably be a deciding factor for me.

some acupuncturists are REALLY good at physical issues and others are not.

reading over your complaints again, i would be tempted to go with acupuncture if the cost is not much higher. can't say why, but i would.
Thanks for all the feedback

(I thought maybe talk of polygamous mojito drinking dwarves might get people to look :p)
I figure it's an energy thing. I guess both would work and it all depends on the skill of the healer. I have health insurance but it doesn't cover either one

So I'm thinking that if my spine is aligned and things are opened up, I'll eventually begin to feel better in all areas because the energy won't be blocked. And the same with accupuncture. I've never had accupuncture so was wondering how quickly I would notice things changing. I've got lots of chiro experience and figure I'll need at least a month's worth of adjustments, if not more. My chiro would set me up with a deal if I prepay for 5 visits/$100 plus $45 initial exam. How much does accupuncture cost? Would it possibly be more than $145? Would it be something I would have to continue to have done? I have this feeling about accupuncture being more appropriate in my case too, wolfmama. But I dont know why.
I don't have much time or childcare or money. Maybe that's why I'm such a mess.

I'm going to go to the Breastfeeding Rally soon and I'll hopefully meet lots of women who may have had experience with accupuncturists and chiros in my area. Maybe I can get a good recommendation soon.
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The accupuncturist I went to chared $60 a visit. I only had two treatments before I went into labor. My Dh went to the accupunturist for ezema treatments and while it was helping it got too expensive and he stopped going. He supposed to see her three times a week at $60 a pop. That was more than we could handle. Good luck with your decision.
OH you are in Seattle??? There is an acupuncture school there!! Call them. They should have a clinic with reduced rates. An friend of my sweetie's family is in school there. Her name is Heather.

You could probably get something significantly cheaper and they are supervised by professionals.
Oooh great idea! There's a school for everything around here. I need to get Dimitrius in for an appointment at the Ayurvedic school.

the acupuncturist I went to in Baltimore also charged around $60 per visit, plus over 100 for the initial consult.

Are you near a city? Maybe there is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner near you? Like Chi Gung or Twayna, not just the acupuncturists which are so popular. I think that a structural specialist like this would be your best bet. They add/adjust chi flow at problem areas, and though I don't fully understand it, I am here to tell you that it works! One treatment and my TMJ was cleared up for good. And my husband's back went out, and he was told he'd be in bed for a week. We got him to the doctor somehow, and he was pain-free in 10 minutes. Amazing.
lioralourie: I think I know what kind of doctor you're talking about. I went to this doctor after the birth of my first and he barely even touched me and made such a difference. I think I just stood in front of him and he moved my arms a bit and then he did one other thing. It was weird to realize that he healed me with such a small amount of visible treatment.
I'll put my feelers out for someone like that. My brother is looking too. He wishes we could find someone just like that other doctor. But that doctor is in Hawaii and we're in Seattle.
I found these places on Most places have links to their websites, if you go to the site.

Capitol Hill Neighborhood Acupuncture - A Seattle clinic offering acupuncture, herbal remedies and traditional Chinese medical practices.

Chinese Acupuncture Center of Seattle - Dr. Hoy Ping Yee Chan, Seattle, Washington. English and Chinese articles on acupuncture

Elemental Acupuncture - Seattle clinic of Michael Max, L Ac. Oriental medicine, acupuncture and herbs.

Heidi Mo Hawkins's Acupuncture World - Heidi Mo Hawkins. Licensed by the State of Washington. Member of the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance, Acupuncture Association of Washington. Seattle and Bellingham, Washington.

Mark J. Schreiber - Acupuncture - Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Seattle and Bellevue, WA
That's so cool that a UK website has info for me in Seattle

I'm going to run this by my brother. He has a knack for finding the best doc.
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Give Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine a call... I went for acupuncture there in 2001 when I was wanting to conceive again but having some issues. I think acupuncture can work miracles for lots of ailments/issues. They are located near the Whole Foods and East West Bookshop at 65th. (Roosevelt Square).

Good luck!
Oooh. I've driven past that place a bazillion times! I'll call them.
Are there any massage therapy schools near you? Sounds like you could use a massage too.
Oh yeah. Who couldn't use a massage? :LOL
Maybe a local school needs bodies?
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