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Chit-Chatting In April

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Thought I'd go ahead and start our April chat thread as time keeps on ticking away! How's everyone's preparations going? My last day of working outside of the ole homestead here for a while was this past Thursday. Yay!
Been getting some cleaning and such done, trying not to over due it! This place is a wreck so I'm trying to do a little at a time.

My co-workers gave me a baby shower on Friday. That was cool, as I wasn't really expecting anyone to throw one for me or anything, hadn't really thought about it, DH and I are definitely not the most social of butterflies!
I don't really know these folks all that well, just casual co-working environment, conversations, but they really seemed to get things that were pretty in line with my values for the most part. And cash is always nice!

I'm horrible at taking compliments or gifts from people, I get all blushy and stuff, tee-hee.

Let's see, MIL is moving down here in June and will be staying with us for a week or so while apartment hunting and that's cool. She'll get to bond with her new grandbaby and she's not the type who would try to intefere in how mama goes about caring for her baby.

Not too much going on. Contracting, nesting, wondering and daydreaming about what labor/birth and our baby will be like.
I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow, OMG! I wonder who will go 1st?

So May mamas, how the heck are ya?
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omg you will be 36 weeks!
that is so so super close! where did the time go?

i just passed 33 weeks
and i have to say, time went by so fast despite the bedrest, which really surprises me.

i gotta make it to may, i really need to. so someone else can go first ok?
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36!!! Too soon! This week is babies' room week. Tomorrow I finishe tidying and then dh will take down a shelving uit that is lame and help patch the wall and buy the paint. Then we paint and let the room air out. I also need to pre-wash all the clothes and buy 1 more car seat.

My friend is coming mid-month, then my mom and then my aunt in a nice little rotation for birth.
I'm 36 weeks today and the whole new-baby-will-be-here-soon feeling is overwhelming at times and surreal at times. I mean, I feel so disconnected from this pregnancy sometimes- when I was pregnant with Alden, I absolutely could not wait for him to be here but then we had ttc for almost 2 years and had m/c before so I think the anticipation was so much higher. This time, I am spending all my time worrying about how having a new baby is going to affect Alden and our relationship. But I have the bassinet all set up in the bedroom (for those day time naps- we're cosleeping at night), all the cute little pink clothes and dresses are all washed, cloth diapers are washed an organized, I kinda sorta packed my hospital bag last night- so I feel like in theory, I am prepared, I just don't know how "ready" I am.
OMG... Amy, that is EXACTLY how I feel. Basically, everything is done and we're ready as we'll ever be, and I think baby could be here anytime- but then it seems so surreal and I think I have weeks and weeks to go.
My only thing, is baby needs to stay in until 36 weeks (next Wed) for best results... and that's when I should be in the clear with the midwife. But look at me worry about this, baby will probably stay in until 40 weeks.

I can't believe the mamas due the first week of May are already 36 weeks... does time fly or what?!
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It's amazing how quickly everything is progressing. I'll be 35 weeks on Thursday, yeah! So, I've got a whole lot more peace of mind now about not needing the level IV NICU available at the hospital. And, another week and a half from today, and I'm homefree.

Once I hit 36 weeks next Thursday, I really won't mind if dd decides to arrive. Even dh, who I really thought wanted her to wait until after the MCAT on the 22nd, said he'd be fine with her coming as soon as I hit 36 weeks. I think he's really stressed out by seeing me in pain. (I'm measuring 5 weeks ahead at last visit, and my gallbladder is being pinched. Can you say OWWWWW?) I just really hope there's no permanent damage being done to my gallbladder. I have no desire to have another surgery a few weeks after having a baby.

I still have a few things to do. I have one more soaker to finish before she gets here. After that, I think I probably have enough wool to get us through the summer. I'll probably focus on pants and things for the winter. I need to set up our Amby bed. It's either in the attic or ds's closet. I keep meaning to pull it out. And, I need to sew a few wetbags. I started to do it yesterday, but I realized that I need longer zippers than what I had laying around. I'll probably stop to get those on the way home from my OB appt on Wednesday.

My new PP mama pads arrived a few days ago. They are so comfy looking! Way better than any that I already had. They're topped with super soft velour in a pretty salmon color. I still need to order a stroller. I think I'll wait until the 15th to do that. The ladies in my playgroup are throwing me a brunch/baby shower this Saturday, so that should be nice. I still want to get a pouch (I have a ring sling already, but a pouch seems so much easier in the beginning), but I'll probably wait until after the brunch, in case some people go in together on one.

I think that's about it. I've got my hospital bag mostly packed. It's actually in the car. I need to get some food together to take, and I'll put the PP pads in once I get these wetbags sewn. But, everything is coming together. I can't believe that at most I have 5 weeks before I have a daughter! That's crazy!!!

Ok, well I've rambled on quite a bit. Thanks for reading. I found it really helped me organize my thoughts.
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I'm 32 weeks the rear of the pack!

So, dh and I ARE moving next Monday (gak). SOOOOO much to do! OTOH, I think the fact that we only have a week to sort our stuff, pack, and move kind of makes it easier--at least in the sense that we can't drag out the work too long. Dh is, of course, in his busiest time at work (he arranged things so that March and April were packed, in order to have a light May and June), which makes things that much more complicated.
He won't even be able to take a day off for the move (both our building and the new one require weekday moves), so one of our parents is going to have to come down from NY for the big day to help me out and drive me and the dog to the new place. We've had a lot of friends volunteer to help with the packing, though, so we're going to try to have a packing party this weekend.

The other annoying thing about this is that our landlord is being a little...difficult. We readily agreed to find a new tenant (which I think we could have pushed back on, given the smoke situation), cleaned and held an open house this weekend. Then the landlord told us he would only take a tenant with a ridiculously high income (well more than we make--to put things in perspective, the apartment we're moving to costs about $400 more a month than what we're paying now, we're well shy of his income requirement, and a regular management company still approved us for the new lease). So, we found a tenant who DID meet the income requirement, and the landlord is STILL giving us push back b/c he (the tenant) just moved to the US from the UK, so he doesn't have a US landlord who can vouch for the fact that he'll pay the rent on time. Given that the guy makes a boatload of money and offered to arrange things so that the rent is direct-deposited into the landloard's bank account each month...we think the landlord is being a bit ridiculous.

Whew. That was quite the novel. I'm sorry--just a lot on my mind these days!
Pregnancy-wise, I'm feeling pretty good--and, if I wasn't, I wouldn't have time to notice, anyway!

Glad to hear everyone's doing well. I can't believe some of you are 36 weeks!
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34 weeks here and excited! What I'm wondering though is whether or not I'll know when the time is approaching that it's really time. Will it hit me out of the blue after feeling alright? Will I be ready!? Physically I have a lot of changes going on but mentally I'm not there yet. Babies clothes have not been washed, I haven't even thought about packing a bag yet and we don't start our CBE classes until this weekend.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMySofie
i gotta make it to may, i really need to. so someone else can go first ok?

OK mama.
Any takers?

Cat everytime I think about your poor gallbladder I wince for you. Oooouch!

Good luck with the move Amanda. That's so crappy how the landlord is being such a bonehead.
I hope things go as smoothly as possible. And then you guys don't have to worry about this anymore after it's all finally said and done.

So I'm about to go start some laundry and I keep looking at this pile of baby clothes (OMG you guys, this stuff is sooo cute! Awww, look at these little hats!
: Everyone really has been so sweet with getting us things, co-workers, MIL, AIL, we feel so blessed) and I alternate between oh wow, baby here is set for a while, as it will be warm and he or she will be as close to nekkid as possible most of the time in the muggy GA climate, and then I'm like, man, whose baby clothes are those?
The surreality of what's about to take place is astounding at times.

I'm so glad everyone's doing so well!

Off to go do, well, a little bit of everything!
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Danielle, I haven't packed a bag yet either, on my to-do list
, and I need to schedule a tour of the birthing facilities. I'd totally forgotten about that!
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We all are getting really close, it's boggling, isn't it?

I had my 34 week appointment on Saturday and my MW put me on bedrest for high blood pressure. Eep. Of course, it's not easy STAYING on bedrest with a very wiley 2 year old. (Could that have anything to do with my high blood pressure? I ask as I waddle out to the living room to find her digging up all of my vegetable starts. Oy!) So, I am trying just to be nice and peaceful and BREATHE to the best of my ability while I try not to fret about all the washing/stitching/bag packing that needs done in the next few weeks. I'm cleared to deliver after the 21st, and I am just keeping sticky baby vibes in my mind til then.

My very sweet but lousy-at-keeping-secrets hub let it slip that there's "This, uh, barbecue that, uh, we REALLY need to be at this Sunday, you know, uh, just a family gathering, uh, yeah." So, I get the impression that some sort of baby-oriented celebration is coming down the pike for us, which is kind of funny. Poor guy. He felt bad, and kept saying, "I didn't reveal ANYTHING! It's a BBQ!" and blushing and fidgeting. So, what do I do? Still act surprised? Admit that I had a, uh, hint or two? Hee.

He's got five very kind little sisters who I imagine are behind this - It makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy to be thought of like that though - we lived 2000 miles away for our DDs birth and although he & I have been together for 6 years, we just moved out here near his family and I feel like the VERY new member of the pack. His sisters are all so cute and blond and trendy, and here I am, this big hippie mama marrying up their only brother. Heh. It's taking some doing to feel settled in the environment, I assure you, but it IS nice to know that they're at least thinking of me out here all isolated from anything that's familiar to me.

So, yes, I'm rambly, but, thinking of all you mamas as we get closer. I'm half expecting to see a Birth post from someone every time I log in! It's really on it's way, huh?
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I'm 34 wks today!

I go see my mw tomorrow. I think our next app. after this one will be the home visit since it'll be @ 36 wks. Getting so close! I still have a bunch of things on my to-do list. I'll be attemping to conquer that this week. Right now I still feel like there's much to do yet but I'll feel so much better after I start getting the last items I need for the baby. My father and his wife (haven't seen them in over a year) will be here on the 9th and staying till the 12th. It's always mind boggling when you have company coming. Making sure I have good food to make for them, making sure we have things to do, etc. *sigh* In a way I wish I didn't have to think about all that but it'll be nice to see them..and for dd to see them. Anyways, I love to hear how everyone else is doing! Great Thread!

Oh ya, I've been feeling some periodish crampies, been getting my walking in, going to the park w. dd...that's always fun for us
, eating NON STOP! Holy crap, I feel like I'm hungry ALLLL the time again. It gets annoying.
Sleeping is getting to an all time UNcomfortable high! I wake up a couple times a night, uncomfortable, hot, thirsty, having to PEE, sqiushed between dh and dd...all that fun stuff.
Anyways, I'm rambling now...we're almost there mamas!! Can't wait!
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Well, I am way at the back of the pack as I am due the 31st. I can't believe some of you are already 36 weeks. dd was born at 35. I am so not ready. I have bought a few things, but we will mostly be using stuff we already have. My Mom is coming the week of April 17th to paint the bedrooms, so as soon as that is done we can get dd moved to her new room and get the baby's stuff organized. I will feel more relaxed once that is all done. My last day of work is May 5th but I am off the week of April 17th so I hope to be all organzied by the end of that week so I can spend the last few weeks before my due date relaxing. I didn't get that luxury with dd since she showed up early so I am really looking forward to it this time.

Can't wait to start meeting these May babies!!!
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It's April already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy crap!!!
I could possible deliver THIS MONTH!!! 4 WEEKS!!!!
It's freakin me out just a little bit, can ya tell??!!!
Since 30 weeks, time has FLOWN by! I just washed all the baby clothes today, if this is a boy, he is screwed, clothes wise!! EVERYTHING I have is pink! I have 2 sleepers that are gender neutral, that's it! And all my onesies are pink.
Then I have to wash all the diapers, and I should be set!

This Saturday is my LAST day of entertaining, then I can relax! I am so tired of having my house **** and span.
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I too am at 32 weeks....and have to MOVE!!!!! I have until the 12th to get everythignn done--we were given a whole 15 days--apparently this is allowed under FL law--notice to vacate without cause. WTH????? Anyway, we put an offer in on a house today but I am probably going to be unpacking during labor
and will definitley need to stay wiht my parents for a couple weeks.

Please send house closing vibes as I really do not want to birth at my mother's. That would just plain suck.
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Wow...32 weeks seems to be moving time for so many of us.

zonapellucida: I can't believe that they only gave you 15 days notice!
If it makes you feel any better, we just signed our new lease today, and we're moving on Monday. Eek.
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zonapellucida: I am SO sorry. And with a houseful of kids. Are they old enough to be helpful? Trust that the baby won't come until your nest is ready!

I am hitting this anxious nesting stage. Everything has the intensity of a "mission." People around me are seeing the change, too. Right now I'm doing "business nesting"--getting my business squared away so I can relax in the last month. I did this last time, too, but didn't really call it that until another friend who also owns a business pointed out to me that's what I'm doing now. It will feel so good to let go of work a little. I also want dd home with me so we can have good bonding time before the babe comes, although I'm noticing that it's giving her separation anxiety from her nanny!
I'm so glad that she feels so loved and safe there, but wish this transition wasn't so hard on her.

I was hoping that I wouldn't hit this stage this time, or at least keep it in check, but I am really ready to meet this baby! It's good that I'm enjoying the pregnancy and it's pretty easy thus far. I'm just sore and my hips are really stiff and it's hard to walk normally. I have the full-on waddle now. I can't run after dd and she knows it and takes advantage of this and runs away constantly. But then I'm realistic about what it will be like to have a new babe and a 2.5 yo so I keep telling myself to enjoy the relative freedom of this time.
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida
we were given a whole 15 days--apparently this is allowed under FL law--notice to vacate without cause. WTH?????
: Really? That seems like it should be so illegal!
: I'm sorry z, I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you guys. So many house closing vibes coming your way mama.


Originally Posted by KatSG
I am hitting this anxious nesting stage. Everything has the intensity of a "mission."
I am in the exact same place!
It hit me like a Mack truck and it was like I was in some sort of emotional, directionless purgatory!
It's way better today b/c even though I'm a bit sore, I got the majority of the deep cleaning type of stuff that I needed to do around here done. I was saying in the thread that I devoted to my insanity that with each thing I got done I could feel myself relax more and more.
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I finally got dh to get off his duff! He is getting the paint tonight and doing all the soilid walls for me. He is also going to ask a friend of his if she can do the mural. He also fianlly put up the missing handrail and is going to pain that after the room. Now for names, some delivery decisions on his part and a new car and I'll be set!
For those mamas that have to move. I am so sorry. I send my love.

I couldn't imagine having to move during this time.

As for me I am 33 wks and 4days. I can't believe it. I am half way ready. I got all the clothes washed. I probably have all the clothes memorized. Seeing as I have looked at them a million times. So, as you can see I am ready to meet my little Colin. Though I have my moments where I wonder if I can do this. Knowing that I am going to be a single Mom scares me. My family have been great though. I don't know what I would do without them.
The father of my baby still hasn't called. Which is upsetting. I just recently sent out my ultrasound photos to him. So, we will see what happens. I am not going to give my hopes up though. It just hurts knowing that someone can just right off something that is part of them like that.

Though at this point there is nothing that I can do about it and just try and give my baby all the love in the world and let him know that there are all lot of people that love him.
Sorry about the rampling. Other than that. My pregnancy has been great thus far. Colin is kicking like crazy and I can't wait to meet the little guy. Glad everyoneelse is doing o.k.

with my first
: will have a
: in May!!!!
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