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Saturday, September 13, - 41 weeks and 2 days Gestation.
Around 5:00 PM DH, DS, and I decided to go out for some dinner. We went to the diner. When we arrived, I suddenly had a ton of pressure in my lower abdomen, and had to pee really bad! So I went into pee and a whole teaspoon came out, but the pressure remained… I had trouble standing upright. I went back to the table and had a Bacon Cheeseburger and Chilly Cheese Fries! Yum! And on the way out, the pressure continued, and I still had trouble standing completely upright. We went home and contractions began.

It was hard to tell at first if this was going to be the real thing, but the contractions were definitely different from the Braxton Hicks I'd been having for two weeks. This pressure was all specifically in my cervix. Incidentally, Friday, the day before, my cervix was still pointing posterior and closed up tightly. This was a different feeling from my labor with AJ since that labor was all pressure in my lower back. It felt more like something was falling out of my crotch! We began to time the contractions, they were running about every 15 minutes or so, some longer and some shorter and they lasted about 60 seconds. They were more painful than the contractions I had with DS's labor, but definitely tolerable. We went to bed that night, and I woke up every hour or so, still having contractions, but knew, this was definitely it. This was not false labor; I was going to be having a baby sometime soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2003 - 41 weeks and 3 days Gestation.
When we woke up Sunday morning, I called my mom to come pick up DS as soon as she could, my contractions were about 8 minutes apart and still hard, but still tolerable. Then I took a shower and had some breakfast. The contractions seemed to go away for a bit, coming every 30 mins to and hour. Then about 4:00 pm or so, they came more often, but still only about every 8 to 15 minutes. They were getting stronger, and I had to either squat during the contraction, or get on my knees. This wasn't really helping, but Gene would call out, "Ok, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds…" so I would know that the contraction would be coming to an end soon! I would moan deeply during the contraction to help cope with the pain and rock back and forth. We went to bed around 10:30 pm or so to try to get some sleep, we stopped timing the contractions because I figured, well, they have to get a lot closer together before I need to worry about calling the doctor… I'll wait until they are 3-5 minutes apart! Throughout the night, they kept coming about every 15 minutes, getting more intense as time went on, but still able to tolerate them by moaning and Gene's counting. While in bed, I'd lay on my side and bring my knees up to my chest and moan. I would get up every hour at least to pee where I would always have another contraction while sitting on the toilet. I didn't know if I should be counting that as a contraction or if it was just feeling that way because I was peeing. (I later found out, those count too).

Monday, September 15, - 41 Weeks and 4 days Gestation.
By 6:30am, I knew I was having the baby today! I was sooo excited, and elated! I wasn't afraid or in any pain at all… other than the 60 second contraction every 8-15 minutes… In between, I could have run a marathon! I was waiting for 9:00 am to come so that one of the Doctors that I wanted would be on call, (they hired a new doctor who is a woman, and I just didn't want her to deliver me… There's just something about needing to have a man in control to "handle" you, KWIM?) Dr. C delivered DS, and he was AWESOME, and has the best bed-side manner. I didn't care if it was he or Dr. G, as I love them both… They are both so much fun, and make me feel like they really care about me. Besides, they'd both been waiting for me to go into labor for weeks, thinking I was going to be waking them up at 3am… hee hee!!

Anyway, at 9:00 am, I called the doctor, (Dr. C) told him what was going on and he said, ok, meet me at the office in half an hour! I had already showered and gotten dressed, so we left shortly thereafter. We decided to bring all the stuff for the hospital in case he decided to send us straight over.

When we arrived at the Doctor's office, I was worried I was going to have a contraction in the waiting room so asked to be put into a room right away… I could feel a contraction coming on, and DH had said the last one was about 7 minutes before. It didn't start, but seemed to be holding off in the "beginning of a contraction stage…" weird!

10:00 am -Dr. C came in and checked my cervix… I was thinking, "well, it will probably be 1 ½ or 2 cms… since it was closed on Friday!) he said "oh, at least 5" matter-of-factly! I was soooooo happy!! DH and I gave a high-five! He then said, "I know you don't want any intervention or for me to break your water, but if you go to the hospital right now, get all set up, and they break your water, you will have a baby in an hour!" We were like, OK, see you later!!

We hopped into the car, stopped off for a newspaper and some Gatorade, and drove to the hospital. I had one contraction in the car when we got to the hospital, it was a doozie! I was yelling at Gene to stop the car as he was cruising around looking for a parking spot (God-forbid anyone valet park his car)…

10:23 am Arrived at Hospital -
Then we went in and Pamela our nurse was waiting for us. She was soooo nice! She asked me what kind of intervention we wanted, and we told her none. She asked if it was ok that she just put me on the monitor for a little bit to see how the baby is, but only if I agree… we did… and funny, this monitor I didn't even notice, I was able to move all over with it on and didn't even feel it on me! She asked if it was ok that she put a hep-lock on me so that she could draw the blood that she needed instead of using a straight needle. I told her that was ok, but that I wanted it removed as soon as the baby was born, she agreed.

At this point, I was hanging out, having fun, laughing and joking with the nurse and some other people, such as medical students coming in and out asking a million and one questions (all the same questions by the way… someone should buy that hospital a photocopier…) Anyway, I asked them when I could get a cervical check, and they looked surprised that I asked, but agreed.

11:00 am - Cervix check by an intern… 7 cms!! Woo Hoo!!

A few minutes later, Dr. G comes walking in clad in scrubs! I was so happy to see him! He watches me have a contraction, this one was very hard, I clamped down with my hands on the bedrail and laid on my side, while DH put counter pressure on my lower back and the nurse put pressure on my lower abdomen. This seemed to help… I moaned very loudly… Dr. G, then said, "I'd love to give you a cervical check while you are having a contraction!" I said, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?????" He said, well, It will help me get a better idea of what's going on… I was like, There's NO WAY I could have something in there while having a contraction… I don't know how, but during my next contraction, he checked me… said… ok, well, you are 9 cms and your bag is bulging! Do you want me to break it? Then I got really nervous thinking… Oh No, not transition! I am not mentally ready to deal with transition yet…. The contractions were about 2 minutes apart at this point, although, it didn't seem like it to me, it seemed like 10 minutes! The monitor was telling us 2 minutes though… so Dr. G said, OK, well, I'll go have a cup of coffee and come back, let me know if you want your water broken…

So he left, and came back in a couple of minutes (no one had made coffee, so he couldn't have any…) So he said, well?? I said, ok… but I'm nervous!! So he said, well at your next contraction we'll break it, and I said "WHAT, YOU CAN'T DO IT WHILE I'M HAVING A CONTRACTION!!" and he said, "oh yeah, you'll feel good…come on, let's get this baby out" so I am getting really nervous about this… so here comes a contraction and he starts to get the thing out to break the water and said…. Whoa! Turns around, puts down the tool, gets his gown on, and gloves and says… "TRACEY, DON'T DO ANYTHING!" And I said, why, he turns back around and said, "When I break your water, the baby is going to come out with it!! I'm not kidding, don't move!!" So he is getting prepped and I said, "OH NO, DR. G, HERE COMES A CONTRACTION!" And he said, "OK, I'm coming!" and he broke the water and said, ok, "PUSH!" The pushing hurt more than anything in my life… I cannot explain the amount of pain I was feeling!!!! It hurt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly!! I couldn't cope! I started screaming, "I can't do this, it hurts, it's burning, please make it stop!!" Get this f***g baby out of me NOW!!!" When I was screaming and pushing, Dr. G was yelling... "Oh, I love to hear a woman scream!!" haha... so I had to laugh and scream at the same time!! It was sooo hot in there, even though we had the lights turned off, we were both sweating! And Gene was holding back one leg, and the nurse was holding back the other, and I was supposed to bear down and push while pulling my legs back, but instead I was pushing my legs forward and not pushing the baby out, instead she was going back up! So Dr. G starts yelling at me to pay attention, and stop doing that and do it the right way… It was hurting soooo badly that I had to get mad… I had to get my game face on, so I did, so for my third push I got really mad and pushed the right way, writhing in pain, the head came right out… Dr. G said, ok, hold on, don't push, and then he just said, ok, little push and he worked the shoulders right out. (12:32 PM) I was sooooo happy to get that kid out, I said, "I can't believe it, she's out!!!" and kissed Gene. The pain was over, gone, I felt like a million bucks!! Immediately joking around again w/the Doctor, who is SOOOO funny!! I laughed more than anything. I had a small Episiotomy and a few stitches for him to work on that took only a couple of quick minutes. I was up and walking around the room, getting dressed at 1:00 pm. DH is still telling everyone how the Doctor is sooo good because of the way he eased Chloe's shoulders right out.

DS LOVES his baby sister sooo much, he was there to witness the birth, and his first words to me were "baby sister came out of your butt mom?" I said, well, yes, I guess she did!! haha He can't get enough of her, his first words to her were, I love you baby sister, and gave her a kiss... I didn't even tell him to say that!!!!

Chloe Izabella FINALLY decided to come into the world!!!!!
The hospital experience this time was just wonderful! We had a wonderful nurse who was just awesome!! I wished they had let me go home after that, but both my doctor and the pediatrician made me stay one night, so we left the hospital at 12:30pm the next day. It was awful trying to sleep there, no place comfortable to sit or lay down.

Chloe latched on immediately and nurses like a champ!!

All in all, my labor was sooooo much fun!!! Really, I mean that! Other than the pushing hurting sooooo bad for like 10 minutes, it was the coolest, most fun time I've had in my life!! It's weird to think I can say my labor was so much fun!!

Edited minor details...
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