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Chlorine in pools ok? My 3yo needs swim lessons

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I was planning on getting swim lessons for my son next week. His swim lessons will begin when I am 8 weeks. Any idea if that is safe? (It is a parent participation type lesson...he is not ready to be on his own yet)
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Yep--I swam in chlorinated water all through my pregnancy (up until about 2 weeks ago, when I started to get paranoid about my water breaking in the pool), and my midwives encouraged it. It felt AMAZING, and it's good for you! Enjoy!
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I am 29 weeks and for the past two months I have physical therapy twice a week in a pool. The midwives signed me up for the PT and they even have a evening prenatal class there. My favorite part is just hanging in the deep end on a "noodle" float device. Wonderful
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The chlorine itself is probably not too bad for you, but you do need to be aware that many nasty microorganisms hang out in public pools and bathing areas, as well as in the changing areas, walkways, etc. Pregnant women are more susceptible to many of these things, and the chlorination (in the pool) will not take away the risk of contracting: warts, foot fungus and vaginal yeast infections, among other unpleasantries. I speak from experience - I'd never had a yeast infection in my life until I was pregnant and started visiting a public pool. Despite the best efforts of a very good gyn, it simply wouldn't go away until after Squeak was born. He believes that I contracted it at the pool and recommends that I don't go there again while pregnant.

Could you send your son to swim with somebody else?
It is fairly nasty to swim in a public pool, but the benefits for me outweigh the risks.

It was vital for me to get in the pool last pregnancy. (Not so much this one, no clue why.) He was a bigger baby who was positioned poorly some of the time, and when I would swim, he would swim right down into a comfy position for us both. Also, I was in terrific shape by the end of the pregnancy, which was a nice perk for the PP times.

Swimming lessons are scary for little kids. I'd not recommend you getting someone else to take him, he might need you there.
The chlorine shouldn't be an issue for you... but you do want to shower off immediately. If there is a shower available at the facility I'd do at minimum a quick shower. The faster you get the chlorine off of you and your 3yr old the better. If you or he has sensitive skin, Vasoline Intensive Care has a lotion to help -- it's the one in a blue bottle -- but you should apply it at least 2 -3 hrs beforehand so that it is in the skin and won't wash away.
Swimming lessons are scary for little kids. I'd not recommend you getting someone else to take him, he might need you there.
I know the original poster is planning on doing a parent participation class so this is moot, but I do want to say that swimming lessons are scary for SOME little kids, but not all of them. I used to teach a class of three year olds at a local public pool and never came across a kid who was too scared to participate. A few were a little shy on the first day, that's it. Most had a blast. Our class was very gentle, fun and low pressure.

Anyone who wants their child to participate in a swim class should make sure that the instructor is certified to teach by the Red Cross, and if possible, you may want to observe a class first before enrolling your child, to see what the instructor is like. Some are better than others.
True true.

Most of the children I taught to swim had been "infant trained" to swim. Read: scared out of their minds at 8 months old...
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