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Choices-- Nautilus, Radian, or ?

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I need to buy a new car seat for my 2 yo. Last time I shopped my choices were the Nautilus, Radian, and Regent (for a 3 and 6 yo). I got the Regent (2 of them!) but sold them since we had bad install problems. The Nautilus was very easy to install, so I might get one again . . .but is there anything better now?

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If she's under 35lbs, I would keep her RFing.

We just bought a Radian XT for my 4yo DS and it's a fantastic seat. I loved the Nautilus except for the shallow crotch depth- he has tons more room in the Radian.
If she is under 35 lbs. there is a Graco seat coming out this summer that RFs to 40 lbs. - it might be an option. It's called the MyRide65.
If under 35 pounds, I'd get a TrueFit or RadianXT and put it RF'ing.

If over 35 pounds, I'd look at the Frontier and Regent, since kiddo might need the extra room.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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