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hi -
I had a 2nd m/c this past Oct and a follow up u/s showed that i had passed the products of conception so no need for a d&c, then a HSG in Feb that appeared to show something in my uterus. the same dr consulted for the m/c and u/s guessed that it could be products (4 months later?!) or the other usual suspects - polyp, fibroid. He reco'd that I seek a 2nd opinion, which I did, and the new doc agreed that I should go for the operative hysteroscopy.
so, my question is which dr to go with for the surgery - the one with more experience (the first one) or the younger one (2nd opinion) who was better at communicating with me?
I felt under informed about the hysterosonogram - until afterward, I was under the impression that we would have more information than just "there's something there." but the 2nd opinion dr is very young and the first one was the one my regular gyno office reco'd (they then also reco'd the one for the 2nd opinion).
I know it's a very standard operation, but want to make sure I'm getting the best care possible. thanks!
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