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What chores do your dc have?

How do you implement, monitor, make 'em stick?

My apologies if this topic has been discussed before, I am sure it has, perhaps a link to previous discussions would be useful.


Kristen, Delaney (6) and Ashlin (4)
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Ds is responsible for keeping his room and bathroom clean, putting away his laundry, setting the table, picking up toys in the livingroom, and helping with yard work as needed. He gets an allowance. Not much, just $2 a week. Friday is bedroom and bathroom day and if they are not done by the end of the day he gets no tv, computer, or friend privileges until they are done. It's not always smooth sailing but he eventually gets the job done. I'm pickier about the bathroom than his bedroom. I just like his bedroom to be a safe place to walk through in the middle of the night and no food, dishes, or anything really dirty in there.

Dd is only 2 but she feeds the cat every night before bed (scooping dry food) and helps pick up. Right now there are no consequences in place if she doesn't want to do it.
I have 8 and a half year old girls that I have help me with dishes-washing and putting away after dinner, washing the table, sweeping the floor, they give the pets fresh water and food. They put their clean clothes away in their drawers, they tidy their room and vacuum their carpet, they have just started changing their own linens. They also take out the garbage and recycling and make their own lunchs for school.

My son who is 5 and a half empties the garbage cans into the can once a week, puts away his laundry, tidies his room, and helps pick up his little sisters toys at night.

My two year old helps with laundry she loves to load the dryer, she also helps vacuum with the hose and picks up her toys.

My older kids get $5 , my son gets $2 a week unless they haven't done their chore and then we sit and talk about what they feel is fair.

I also teach my kids about each thing I do like how to repot plants and spot clean carpets I think it is so important to teach them life skills and responsibilty.
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Originally Posted by rosebuds
What chores do your dc have?

How do you implement, monitor, make 'em stick?
We don't have "chores." That sounds rather odious to me, something I myself would rebel against. Rather, my Dd is expected to put a puzzle away when she's done playing with it, for example. She helps with daily tasks as I'm doing them. She likes to put the silverware away. She likes to load the clothes drier. She likes to put the pillowcases on the bed. I just allow her to help me without making it seem like work. She thinks it's fun, and, actually, so do I.
My 3 1/2 DD is responsible for putting dirty clothes into her hamper and cleaning up toys after she is done with them. Those are her two main responsibilities. She also cleans up her breakfast dishes. Otherwise, she helps around the house because she likes to. I put a chair to sink and let her do non-breakable dishes. I don't really care if they are clean as I'm letting her learn to do them. She does help me with laundry at the laundrymat. She also feeds the cats at night. I too am trying to teach her life skills so pretty much anything she will help me out with if I ask her.
My dc both help load the washer and dryer. Not everytime, but they run over to help if they're in the area!! When I wash a load of towels, we all sit down and fold. Even Annika, just 2 last month, can fold wash cloths and hand towels. We sit on the floor and do it together, the three of us.

They both help pick up toys throughout the day.

Can't really think of anything else right now. No allowance yet. Too young in my opinion. Plus I think kids should just have to do certain things b/c they're a part of a family. Not for pay.
My kids are just expected to help out when I ask them. We have clean up time every evening, where they put away any toys/books/puzzles that they got out during the day. (There are some exceptions like the train tracks that are sitting at my feet in a really cool configuration that DH helped them do, but even that will eventually get picked up.) I will ask them throughout the day to clean their places at the table, help put away clean dishes, put away their clean clothes after I fold them, clean up when I want to vaccum, etc. We generally expect them to pick up clothes they carry around the house (my kiddos are nudists to the core and will get dressed and undressed several times during the day) and make sure that their things are out of the public areas. We really try and make it not *chores* but make it something that you do because you live in the house. They don't get any allowance yet (and I don't really feel that allowance should be used to *pay* them for work they do around the house anyway), I don't get paid for all the work I do around the house, why should they?!?
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oops double post
I care for my seven year old nephew, he has to keep his room clean(toys picked up, dirty cloths in basket, vacume it once a week etc) pick up after his shower, brushing his teeth, clear his own dishes, generally pick up after himself.

We do not call them chores and he does not get paid for them. He's a person and member of the family so why should I pay him for doing his share? We all have to do our part to make this family/home run smoothly and that's a part of it.

Now sometimes he'll want something, a toy or ice cream and I will give him one of my tasks like emptying the dishwasher in the morning and after dinner and he'll get fifty cents. Or he'll sweep, help me clean the bathroom etc.
My 6yo and 4 1/2yo do alot by some people's standards. I break things up by morning, afternoon and evening responsibilities, although I don't assign chores. It's just expected that people will help out and for the popular things I do rotate them so there is less fighting. Here's what they do :

get dressed
take care of their laundry
make their bed
take their breakfast dishes to the sink and rinse them
wash the table and chairs
wash breakfast dishes
feed/water the cats
feed/water the rabbit
feed/water the birds

pick up the downstairs (mostly toys that were not picked up when they were done)
prepare lunch
wash the table and chairs
sweep the floors
take out the trash
vacuum upstairs
vacuum the furniture downstairs

prepare dinner
clean up from dinner
wash table and chairs
pick up their bedrooms
sweep the floors
pick up the downstairs

They also help with more indepth cleaning. There is more, I just can't think of it now. They don't do all of that everyday though. Sometimes they team up and do a job together, sometimes they do it with me (like the dishes we usually do together) sometimes they do it on their own. We basically have a clean up time and everyone works together.

My ds does get allowence. He gets $.29 a week. I decided to discuss how much with him and that's what he thought was fair. He'll get it if he doesn't do anything and he'll get it if he single handedly keeps the house for the entire week.

I agree that they should help because they're part of the household and not because I pay them. I hope that this is setting good lifelong habits
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Thanks for the replies thus far.

I am also of the mindset that household work/general life situations don't require a monetary award. We haven't started allowances yet (I would like to but dh isn't on board yet) and when we do the allowance will be seperate from what housework has been done. However when something needs to be replaced I will have them use thier money for that...when the time comes.

I originally posted about chores because I am not as successful as some of you mammas in engaging dc in helping out. I generally try to include them in things but often their reply is "Moooooommmmmmmmm, lets play, play with me mom, no I dont want to _______, lets plaaaaayyyyyyyy." Thats for occasional things. Things such as laundry we are hit and miss with, preparing meals they dont seem interested in, they are pretty good about putting thier laundry in the hamper, picking up toys around the house and in thier play areas are always a battle though.

In seeing what some of you have your dc do I think that if I stay consistent we could implement much of it...dishes to the sink, wiping down the table. Again consistency seems like the key here.

My 6 y/o is expected to make her bed each morning but honestly it is so hectic in the morning that many times a week it doesnt get done. I wont make it for her in the hopes that she realizes she needs to do it but apparently jumping into a messy bed night after night doesnt phase her. OUr mornings arent hectic due to sleeping in, they wake up at 7:00 and we dont have to leave till 8:40 but they dilly dally so much, being silly they dont get anything done quickly like washing up and dressing.

Anyways I dont think I am too far from where many of you are at, need to work on consistency (perhaps some role modelling as well!)

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oh, something else...

Does anyone post a chart to help with consistency and/or limit amount of asking (nagging) to have things done? I realize this kind of turns things into 'chores' rather than just stuff that gets done but I could see how a poster of stuff to do would help keep things going.
At our house, my husband and I try to encourage the ideas of picking up after oneself out of respect for others and working together on the big stuff. We work as a team to clean up rooms, do dishes, take out the trash etc. There are no set chores really. We clean as we go and help one another as much as possible, and often when things get boring we try to make a game out of it.

Our family has what we call "the star chart", which is a decorated poster board hanging on the wall. We give star stickers out whenever our DS does something really kind and helpful, and after he gets 10 stars we get him some sort of reward. It helps DS with counting, and shows him that when you do good things for others, good things can happen to you.
Works very nicely for us overall.
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DD pretty much helps with whatever I ask her to help with. Other than being responsible for making her bed and keeping her room neat, we don't really have a regular list of chores. She helps set and/or clear the dinner table, puts her breakfast/lunch dishes in the sink, helps put away groceries, etc. She rarely grumbles about any of it, and if she does, a simple, "hey, you're a part of the family, and everyone helps," nips that in the bud.

I'm realizing, though, that there are things she can do herself that I just do for her out of habit, such as put her laundry away or put her lunch in her backpack. I need to let her do more!
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