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This is the list of possbile gifts I made up for dd (mostly for her grandparents so they don't buy junk):

Wooden shape sorter
Bean bag globe (this is really cool!)
Picture/word flash cards
Full size Magnadoodle (she has a mini one and loves it)
Wooden puzzles/toys
Leap Pad book: Where the Wild Things Are
Doll stroller
Little tikes car/ride-on push toy
Interlocking foam mats (for play area)
Any instruments (although we already have a drum, xylophone, and piano)
1 year membership to the Children's Museum (more of a family gift, but I really hope we get it!)
Small chair/couch for her new room

Or anything from these websites:

I have to restrain myself. There is just so much cool stuff that I would love for dd to have.
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